gay race

the gay race was so fun! megan and i ran a little, walked a little, ran a little, walked a little, ran a little. i was hoping or some drag queens, but no such luck. there was someone dressed up as a unicorn (running in the 10-minute mile group…).

me and my rainbow socks (and ace bandage)

there were so many people there, most people wearing the orange race shirts, which have become the official colors of the vote no brigade.

the crowd. sea of orange.

we saw some bennies! and some interesting outfits! and a couple klondike kates!

go bennies (including megan!)! today’s homecoming, too!

and i got to use my new panorama features on ios6!

if you click on it, it’ll go to the larger version.

megan hadn’t run in a month! she thought she would do some running, so we stood in the back of the 12-minute mile runners, before the fast walkers.

then afterward, after getting a granola bar, cupcake, cookie and some water, we went to eat at aster, which was really good!

full weekend

some day i’m going to write a post on autumn, but i haven’t felt completely inspired – maybe after my bike trip with my dad on the root river trail. it will be october then. appropriate.

tomorrow i’m off to a social media conference in the cities for work. i went to a couple of these things while i worked at the newsleader, and i remember enjoying them, so this should be a fun time. after the conference, i’m meeting up with canada dave for supper. i’ve been talking to that dude online since 1998 – 14 years! holy cats! he’s been down this way a couple times when he goes to visit his dad in winnipeg. (really, what’s another 6-7 hours, eh?)

post-dave, i’ll stay at megan’s over night because in the morning is the BIG GAY RACE. if you have a somewhat vested interest in keeping the gay marriage amendment OUT of MN, now is the time to donate. megan and i are both running it, and i just got an email from the group and so far there are 6,000 people registered! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ it won’t be a race to get a good time, that’s for sure! i have a feeling my rainbow socks will be one of the more subdued outfits around ๐Ÿ™‚ it’ll be fun whether i run or walk it.

my knee-highs :)

then off to st. joe where i have a FREE jimmy’s pizza waiting for me, and where i’m hoping the house sells. we got accepted to a rental that’s going to be available in november sometime, so i’m ready to be done with the house. SELL SELL SELL!!


today i learned that my aunt is boycotting a restaurant in town because a server or owner someone associated with the restaurant had an abortion because the child would be severely handicapped. o.O


nate’s coming to see me this weekend! my dad will be in austin! and jane’s showing up on sunday! woohoo!

tmi thursday – ralph woke me up last night and smelled like poo. i didn’t feel like getting up and giving him a bath. i really hope he cleaned himself off and refrained from wiping poop on my pillows. i don’t know why he can’t keep from stepping in his own too-doo in the litterbox.

keeping my mouth shut

i try to be lightly contradictory with me aunt. just enough contradiction in the form of a question or statement i know is true to let her know i’m not swallowing her dogma whole.

tonight it was teh gays. they went to see a lawyer speak last night on the amendment. same old blah blah blah.

aunt: it will open up a whole can of worms. if it’s legal, they’ll start making the church marry them.
me: i was under the impression that the individual churches could do what they want-that it was more of a state legal issue.
uncle: no, because then it’s discrimination
me to self: what is it NOW??

aunt: and it’s not natural-children should be raised by both parents to be healthy. little girls should not be raised by men.
me doing all i can not to scream: what on earth about single dads?? single moms?? aaaaauuuggghhh

soup success!

i have real trouble making soup taste like how i want it to taste. tomato soup? yum, except it was gross when i made it. squash soup? yum, except my first time did not go well. recipe soup is fairly good (smashed potato soup – nomg) and chile is an exception – that always tasted like i want it to taste.

well today i made chicken wild rice and it turned out awesome.

i had some chicken soup bones from last year’s farmers’ market that needed to be used. there was some back meat and some chicken necks in there. i put it on the stove and let it simmer for about 4 hours. i got chicken stock (for the soup) and about 2 cups of meat out of it.

i threw in the chicken, half a pound of wild rice, carrots, onions, mushrooms and a handful of chopped celery. also put in a lot of salt, pepper, thyme and marjoram. oh, and a clove of garlic and shallot. i let this simmer until the rice was done.

then i put in 2 cups of cream and slurried a couple teaspoons of corn starch. that didn’t make it thick enough and i was out, so i slurried about a 1/3-cup flour and put that in there too. voila!

thick glorious soup. i ate it with some sourdough and called it a good day.


kablpomo 3.0 cont.

kablpomo ideas:
foodblog extraordinaire
pinterest ย trials
cat pictures every day
find a recipe book and make a recipe every day
travelblog (pics/blog of where i went that day?)

any other ideas?

my friday!

first of all, i love my 3-day weekends.

i am only slightly less ragey from my cousin’s over-the-top lecture, but i just keep telling myself that these people are insane. it helps a little.

and in that vein, i want to run the big gay race! it’s a 5k walk/run in support of opposition of the gay marriage amendment in minnesota. i’m hoping megan will run/walk it with me. i’m guessing by that time my ankle will have healed (oh god i hope so) and i’ll be able to take a nice cool september race.

i’m leaving in an hour and a half to drive home. i talked to my realtor today and we’re lowering the price again. i’m ready to be out of the shelter (again, in the same vein) and the house really needs to sell. nate is visiting ME next weekend, and friday we’re going to rochester to check out some rentals. the two cats will really put a strain on the pocketbook with pet deposits. ๐Ÿ™ oh kitties.

and here’s a little something i found on mashable about an evolutionary dr. pepper ad. seriously? SCIENCE. IT WORKS.



pow wow (supper) tonite with cousins. pres is a crook, obamas took a vacay and paid their daughters as assisstants, and i was finally called out. auuuughh. and got a lecture. why can’t i just get some ovaries and stand up for myself during these things?? gah!