baked alaska, part III!

ah, the epic end to the saga.
part I

preheat oven to 500, place baked alaska in oven for 4 minutes. or, after seeing how the meringue’s getting a little toasty, 3 minutes.

baking - this is around 2.5 minutes.

baking – this is around 2.5 minutes.

ooh! crispy!

ooh! crispy!

ice cream is still in tact.

ice cream is still in tact.

the slice.

the slice.

i wanted this to be more sensational than it was. i could have achieved the same effect by bringing over a pan of brownies with meringue on top and a couple quarts of ice cream. if i DO attempt this again (unlikely), i’ll put some other stuff in there, like in a DQ ice cream cake. at which point, it’s probably more effective to just buy a DQ cake…

ah well; i can say i tried it.

pintertest resumes!

claim: use gelatin and milk to replace spendy biore nose strips!


test: well, this definitely works. fortunately i had some gelatine in my cupboard for some reason, so i was able whip this up easily. 1 packet of gelatine mixed with 2 tblsp of milk. mix that bad boy up.IMG_1383

it gets chunky. then put it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds.IMG_1385


it gets soupy, and now’s the time to apply!IMG_1386

the worst part about this stuff?? it STINKS like bad milk. yucko. the instructions say to apply with a popsicle stick, but why waste something like that? use your fingers. IMG_1388

i just put it on my nose and chin. you can put it all over your face if you’d like. let it dry til you can’t move your mouth. i let it sit for about 20 mins. IMG_1389

omg time to peel! that was all the farther my mouth would open. that stuff is STIFF. peel back an edge with your fingernail (might take a few tries), and peel away.IMG_1393

and boy does this peel away stuff. it is BETTER than a biore strip. if you have sensitive skin, you might want to not try this, or wait til a weekend so if your skin peels off with the gelatin, you have a day to recover.IMG_1395

smooth as a baby’s butt! my skin is still tingling.IMG_1396

…AND of course, since it was made of milk, sophie had to eat the remains XPIMG_1397

verdict: this works. it takes maybe a minute to prepare. and definitely cheaper than biore. i had a LOT of leftover goo after i applied. i don’t know if it’s possible, but a person could try to put it in the fridge and re-microwave when you want to use it next.

kablpomo's pintertests

once i actually get into my house, i’ll be able to do some pintertests. these are things i find on pinterest that i want to try out, and i report my findings here. there are always some duds with these, but then there are real winners (cheesy buns, anyone?? *drool*).

this year, i want to try a few things if i have the time.

  1. homemade microderm abrasion


    baked alaska

  2. deep pore cleaner (i obviously have a hangup on my skin)
  3. hair repair (will it make my greys go away? haha)
  4. a couple crapfts with tin cans, mason jars, and cookie cutters as ornaments
  5. jalapeño poppers suggested by nikki
  6. candles with cinnamon sticks tied around them
  7. shaped bokeh
  8. pumpkin fondue
  9. cheesy bacon-wrapped hot dog
  10. BAKED ALASKA????

if you want to view all my pintertests, you can check them out on my kablpomo pinterest board.


my personal issues are pretty trivial, i realize, and who cares when there’s so much crappy other stuff going on. time to stop wallowing in my own self pity.

i made this tonight. not too shabby. not too out of this world, either. but it was good. i didn’t put in garlic pepper, but i did put in some lime juice and salt. it wasn’t bad!

Photo 2013-01-29 10.13.13 PMi actually made quesadillas and put this stuff on top of it to make it healthier (there was still a lot of cheese, haha). in the future, i would use more tomatoes and throw in some cilantro. yum!  3/5 because it wasn’t stellar, but still healthy.



since it was a long weekend, i made a couple foodstuffs off pinterest, as well as my crapts.

first was a brussels sprouts/sweet potato/bacon concoction that was delicious. nomg! the original recipe called to add the bacon after baking the veggies, but i was like, screw that! bake the bacon WITH the veggies! and add 3 more slices! woohoo! it also said to add thyme, but since my rosemary plants are waning, i needed to use some rosemary. so i chopped that up and threw it in.

IMG_8649i made pulled pork to go with it. yummy!

then i made these breakfast muffins that are a cross between banana bread, oatmeal, and an omelette. my mouth couldn’t decide what it was! original recipe was lactose-friendly or something, so instead of almond milk i used cow milk and added 2 tblsp. brown sugar. pretty much oatmeal, eggs, bananas and chocolate chips. next time i would add a tsp. of salt.

IMG_8658overall, a productive food/pinterTEST (THAT, my friends, is the new tag and name of this) weekend. veggies get 5/5 stars and muffins 4/5 (mostly for need of salt).



arts and crapfts

i made a bracelet off pinterest using string and nuts. no, not those nuts. not those either. yeah, those. see, i knew you’d get there.

i actually had two versions pinned, and i really wanted to make the one version, but there was no website it linked to, and therefore, no directions. not that the other version was any more helpful since it was in mandarin, but at least the photo was self-explanatory:

it felt like making a friendship bracelet. so i plugged away, and tada!

Photo 2013-01-19 11.11.23 PM


i wish i’d had brass or “dirtier” looking nuts, but oh well. i slapped a button on the end of the one side, and now i can just hook it like a buttonhole. not too shabby.

smells good in here

the claim:
simmer water, rosemary sprigs, lemon slice and a tsp. of vanilla to make your home smell like a williams sonoma! source

the test:
i have no idea what a williams sonoma smells like. suffice it to say, this is a pretty lousy way to test something, but i liked the idea of those smells together, so i thought i’d give this a try.

easy peasy ingredients! i only had to buy the lemon. (i grow rosemary year-round.)

i turned it on low and it started smelling after about 15 minutes. this smells pretty darn good. it might smell like a williams sonoma – i have no idea. but to me it smells like the holidays this time of year. yum!

the verdict:
4 out of 5 stars, only because it might not smell like a WS at all.

Fail #1?

the claim:
paint your nails! spray with pam! wipe off and polish will be dry!

the test:

ok, so it was walmart brand pam, which is the same concept. should still work, right? i painted my nails.


i didn’t wait anytime, just sprayed them immediately after painting. yuck.

and wiped off! DID NOT WORK:

that sooo did not work. so i thought maybe the pam needed to be on a little bit longer, and this time i washed my hands instead of wiping it off.

a little better? but not much. i’m not planning on leaving pam on there for as long as it would take my nails to dry without it, so i see no reason to use it right away…BUT…

after it was washed off, the paint was DRY. no tackiness, no nothing. i would say that if you waited for your nails to dry normally and then sprayed with pam, it would help with the tackiness you sometimes get with the “maybe they’re dry – but should i be digging in this pile of rocks yet?” stage.

the rating:
i’ll give it 1.5 starts out of 5. not as advertised, but could be useful.

chicken popper thingies

the claim:
bacon wrapped jalapeño cream cheese bites will FLY OFF THE TABLE! source

the test:
the only addition i made to the recipe was to add some blue cheese in with my cream cheese an jalapeno. and instead of putting some cream cheese on the chicken, then adding the other stuff, i mixed it all together first so it was a spread.

assembly time! this was not as fidgety as the tacitos.

as you can see, you need to flatten out the chicken. i usually flatten mine with the mortar part of a mortar and pestel i have (it’s stone). but, that was packed away, so i flattened with the bottom of a bowl. not as effecient.

spread some filling on the chicken, roll up, and wrap with bacon, insert a toothpick to keep it all together. as you can see, i obviously have a problem with overfilling. off to the grill!

i thought these would take longer to cook, but it only took about 5 mins per side. and since i overfilled, a lot of filling seeped out and is now sitting on the bottom of my grill 🙁

yummy! the only complaint i have about them is the chicken itself is a little bland since there was no seasoning directly on the chicken. i wonder if marinating it in something beforehand would help? maybe a brine? anyway, the bacon and filling helped.

the verdict:
4 out of 5 stars. i think if the chicken were brined and had a little flavor, this would be a 5 star delight!