keeping my mouth shut

i try to be lightly contradictory with me aunt. just enough contradiction in the form of a question or statement i know is true to let her know i’m not swallowing her dogma whole.

tonight it was teh gays. they went to see a lawyer speak last night on the amendment. same old blah blah blah.

aunt: it will open up a whole can of worms. if it’s legal, they’ll start making the church marry them.
me: i was under the impression that the individual churches could do what they want-that it was more of a state legal issue.
uncle: no, because then it’s discrimination
me to self: what is it NOW??

aunt: and it’s not natural-children should be raised by both parents to be healthy. little girls should not be raised by men.
me doing all i can not to scream: what on earth about single dads?? single moms?? aaaaauuuggghhh