pow wow (supper) tonite with cousins. pres is a crook, obamas took a vacay and paid their daughters as assisstants, and i was finally called out. auuuughh. and got a lecture. why can’t i just get some ovaries and stand up for myself during these things?? gah!

5 thoughts on “aaaaaauuuughhhh

  1. you know why you don’t. if you did, the house would implode because your opinions don’t match theirs, and the gossip would spread like wildfire through the family, which means it would get back to the ‘rents, and that’s who we’re trying to spare. remember your tv last night? could be the entire block! be careful what you say!

  2. i think what annoys me is that she’s talking to me like i’m 5, not 33. she’s talking to a child instead of an adult. which, she works with kids with learning disabilities all day, so i can see why she can’t shut it off. and she talks to everyone like that, so i guess i shouldn’t feel singled out.

  3. she can’t shut off, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hold her accountable for that. i’m on both sides of the “grow some ovaries! no, keep the family peace!” argument. in the end, what are you afraid of? is it more important to voice your own convictions or keep the peace and prevent the brewhahaha that will happen if you’re honest? personally, i think they could use a good brewhaha. i wish jane and i were there to support you. :/ jane could use her teacher voice on our cousin. bwahahahahaha!

    1. ready and willing. i haven’t had a confrontation in a long while, and could use the practice. i’ll be in austin next weekend kate, so maybe we could brewhaha then? maybe not. we’ll see how i’m feeling

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