bleah! bleah.

i may have food poisoning, my head is about ready to explode, and i think my knees are going to fall off.

other than that, the weekend went well! 🙂

i took plenty of pictures of liz’s wedding, some of which i will post once i get ambition to get them off my camera and on to the computer.

i have no clue why on earth i am so sore from dancing. i danced a ton more at my wedding, and i wasn’t sore one bit. sooo weird.

getting ready!

not for liz’s wedding, which i should be printing out invitations for, she needs 10! eek! i should do that today.

but i’m getting ready for the lemonade fair! i’ve done up an excel sheet and calculated all my expenses, and if i sell everything, i should make a decent profit.

here are the picture i’m having: the white flower, clover, daisy, tomato, sumac, pumpkin, bridge, sunflower, and either a) an apple or b) a dandelion going to seed. what do you think? apple or dandelion? i’m having two prints each in four sizes (except for the white flower, which i will overstock).

now my dilemma is how much to charge for them. i’m thinking this schema:
16×20 – $30
12×12 – $20
10×10 – $15
7×7 – $12

or should i charge more?

and i found out that my sister and doug want to move to indiana on the day of the lemonade fair. come on! wait ONE day, good grief. my parental units can’t be THAT horrible to live with for one more night (they are staying there from the wedding til they move). that way jane can come help me! 🙂

oh, and i DO have pics of the new place. i just have to get them uploaded somewhere.

so what did i do today

i woke up at 11 a.m. today. that was nice. i love sleeping in. i love not working. etc. etc.

i tried on the dress today with everything on, and i can sit in it, so that’s awesome. there’s some weird wrrinkly stuff that’s going on, but i’ll deal with it.

i went to cold spring and paid off the cake.

i went to the reception place and figured out food. we’re having chicken! ooh la la. and a champagne toast. and hors d’euourves at 9:30 p.m.! yay!

and then i did homework. yuck!

so what am i doing tomorrow? cleaning, and class at 5 p.m.

thursday, i grocery shop and pick up the shoe rentals and hope the kilts get here. then i go to the cities and pick up branden (and i NEED to know the gate and teh terminal!!)

friday is a day of rest, i think. just greeting people who come and then the rehearsal and dinner.

sat. is the kicker. i won’t write about saturday. 🙂


i is excited!!! today is my last day of work for two weeks, and i’m actually doing something fun!!

so i think i mentioned how the company was bought out, and they were having someone make a logo. well, today i talked to lee, and he showed me the logos they made. they were boring and crappy. so he said, well, we want to see what you can come up with. YAY i heart making logos!!! so i went home, grabbed the laptop that has illustrator on it (illustrator is highly superior to photoshop when making logos), came back, and here i am, doing something i actually enjoy at work. amazing!

T -8 days. omg, now i’m getting nervous. i have to practice my lines. we have to memorize our vows, that’s gonna be no fun. ee ee ee ee ee ee eeeeeeeee.

i think i’m going to see HP and the GOF tonight. woohoo!

ok, i'll update

since i’m at work and have nothing else to do 🙂

T -11 days.

last friday my sissies took me out for a bachelorette party and a good time was had by all. even me, and apparently i’m hard to find stuff to do for. (did that make sense at all??)

we went to eat at zeno’s, which has pretty darn good food in addition to most excellent desserts. mmmmmm. then we went to heartbreakers, a store where i almost bought a shirt and drooled over shoes that don’t come in my size. sad! stupid big feet. then we went to comedysportz, and improv comedy club type thingy, which was funny. i’d go back!

saturday i found awesome shoes. (this is more for liz.) i went to kohl’s in hopes of finding shoes like liz’s, and lo and behold, not only did they come in my size, my size was the only size left!! so i am a very happy camper. i wasn’t even looking for the style i bought, and i found it. awesome! i also bought some gauze-y, floaty pants for the groom’s dinner to wear with my new shoes (and a top i had purchased earlier).

and on saturday, i picked up my dress! jane came with, and she got to see me in full wedding regalia. i’m worried that the skirt might be hemmed a little too long, but i’ll just kick the skirt up, i guess. if anything, i’ll go find some shoes with a bigger heel.

and the alterations lady might have a little kitty for me! she has a tiny black kitten named Ty that she is holding onto for the moment, trying to find a home for it. i told her he would need a return policy (chasey is soooo territorial). so we’ll see what happens with that.

3 more days of work after today!!!!!!! i am sooo excited to take two weeks off. the fact that my wedding is in the middle of it is just frosting on the cake (cold spring bakery cake, that is! mmmm)

why oh why

it’s january outside. the windchill yesterday was something like 3 degrees, and today it was 6 degrees when i went to work. oooh i hate cold, why so soon? not happy.

i only have 5 more days of this hole until i have two weeks off!! i’m excited. why am i more excited about missing work than my wedding? that’s kind of sad, but i’ll go with it.

not much else is new. i go in for my final dress fitting on saturday, going to the cities tomorrow for a bachelorette party, ummmmm, yeah, not much else. i’m boring right now. sorry!

more stuff

here are the shoes i’m wearing to my wedding:

and here is the guestbook i bought today:

yes, i bought regular shoes and glued stuff on them.

i also finally broke down and bought a real portfolio to take to interviews. i’d been carrying around one of those leather-ish business case planner dealers, and i thought, man, this looks lame. i need a real portfolio. so i went and bought one. now let’s hope i get an interview. 😀