finally lake time!

dock_2_cropped_4x6it’s lake time! last year, there was no derry family reunion, which made me sad – i had a severe lack of lake last year. this part of the state is conspicuously absent of lakes. i know i could drive an hour two, or go put my feet in the puddle that resides in the state park, or setup my chair next to the mississippi that masquerades as a lake. it’s just NOT the same. 

i didn’t realize how swell i had it in the NL-S area with the multiple lakes, then the central MN area with not quite so many but still more than here number of lakes. 

but this weekend is leech lake time, and next weekend i’m heading up to spicer to spend some time on lake george for a bachelorette party. i’m definitely getting some lake time in this summer. 

(the only sad thing about this weekend is that nate isn’t coming. he already took a week off this summer and has to work. boo.)

final thoughts on SD

while the old standbys are fun and tradition, sometimes it’s nice to branch out and try something new. i did a few new things this time around in the black hills. nate and i went to see a cave, skipped rushmore, stopped at mt. coolidge lookout, and actually spent time in custer and sturgis (as opposed to driving through). 

next time i really want to get in on the missile tour, check out the 1880 town, and see the other cave that’s a national monument. i’d also like to venture off the main roads – there is a lot of hills to the west of the main roads. i was talking to my dad a couple days after i came back, and he had a good point: while we do a lot in the hills, there is still more that we haven’t done. 

it might be a matter of making sure that we get out there on a more regular basis. i would be ok with that.

so long, SD

on friday, nate and i got up early and left sturgis a little after 8 a.m. for a long trip home – we drove through and made it back at home base by 6:30. on the way we stopped at al’s oasis for lunch, where i had my chocolate shake. 

but once we crossed the missouri, the west was gone 🙁 

i was feeling melancholy about leaving south dakota and watching the hills recede my the rearview mirror. it’s always so short.

but as we headed east toward home, and the grass got a little greener, the trees got a little (ok, a LOT) more prevalent, i began to see why people come to minnesota to vacation. (in fact, after i unpacked the car, i was ready to go to the derry reunion because i felt it was definitely time for a lake.)

we rolled up our driveway, and i was so happy to be home. vacation is awesome, but there’s something about coming home, especially after a week of different landscapes, and seeing the regular with fresh eyes.

a hit!

the marshmallows were yummy! the only bad thing about them was that when roasting, they got gooey really quickly, so you had to be on the ball with the rest of the s’more. and half the marshmallow dripped out of the s’more. but it was good!

if you would’ve asked me ten years ago which of my cousins would be at the derry reunion every year and which would only come part-time or not at all, i would’ve been wrong. i think it’s just odd that the people i thought would’ve made it a priority have not and the people i thought would’ve been meh about it are gung ho. some of it is due to distance, yes, but some is not. it’s just weird how it’s switched in my head. or maybe i’m weird for getting excited for a family reunion? maybe…but it’s my one for sure vacay of the summer, and i get to see people i like at the same time. win win?


mandan over the fourth is nuts. but here’s the thing. as awesome as it is seeing fireworks all over the horizon and hearing popping firecrackers for 5 hours straight, i would much rather sit underneath a huge display of fireworks. there is something about seeing the explosions right over your head that makes it that much more awesome. that’s why i liked the st. joe fireworks so much – you could sit on the sidewalk across the street from where they launched the fireworks and the explosions of light would be so huge that it was hard to take in, you were so close. my favorite firework of the night in mandan was the one we set off because it WAS right over our heads. it was dinky, but it was right there. i don’t know if maybe i need to drive down to the city fireworks next year or just buy more big fireworks, but i’d like to be closer to the real deal.

if only it were 10 …

then i would be done with work.

i had a two day work week this week since i was up at leech lake for the beginning of the week. i really like taking vacation time at the beginning of the week because then you have only 2 days of work, then the weekend again! it’s like two vacations for the price of one.

while i was at the lake, i got a phone call from my mortgage lady saying we were $294 over the limit for rural development. turns out two weeks of 2007’s pay was paid on jan. 4 and was counting toward 2008 pay. they just needed my  jan. 4 paystub and everything is a-ok (for now). then she needed a letter stating why our credit was checked on june 2 (the other mortgage company) and a statement from the bank showing the earnest money had cleared. holy toledo, what a circus.

but! a closing date is set of august 13 (yay charlie’s bday) at 9 a.m. in waite park, so we don’t have to drive down to the cities, which is a nice thing. that’s a wednesday, so i’m taking off thursday and friday (as is nate) and hopefully we can get everything cleaned and painted and maybe we’ll move that weekend. so anyone who wants to help me move, you are certainly welcome!

yay it’s almost the weekend! i’m really beat. i need a nap.


one week of work then my family reunion! woohoo!! i checked the weather and it’s supposed to rain on sunday and it’ll be a little chilly, which is weird, but okay. i’ll just have to brave the lake. i hope i can make it through the week! 🙂

we’re still waiting for a signed purchase agreement on the house. delores said it might take up to two weeks for them to get it back to us. ugh! i want to just finish this and paint already. 🙂

yay summer

this weekend is my family reunion, yay! i checked the weather last night and it was perfect – 85 each day with nightly lows of 60. i check again 10 mins ago and now it’s 95 each day with lows at 70. yuck! too warm for sleeping and fires. up until last year we set up the tents so they were even with the lake, so it was nice that the wind from the lake breezed in the tents in the morning, but last year we tented up on a hill due to a fire at the resort, and it was stiflingly hot. yuck! we were up every morning at 7:30 because it got so hot in the tents. i hope the spots down by the lake are open this year.

so i’m looking forward to boat rides and swimming and eating grandma’s donuts and hanging out by the fire and drinking beer with my cousins and the smell of sunscreen and getting sunburned and OFF and wearing sunglasses and swimming and seeing my siblings (minus liz 🙁 ) and eating decent food and not wearing shoes and laughing and did i say swimming and the smell of lake and the sun and the breeze in the trees and riding in the boat and not working and hey, swimming and my toes in the sand and nummy drunken sandwiches and the anticipatory drive there and watching the trees turn from oaks and maples into birches and pines and swimming….

i am not looking forward to not seeing my cat for 4 days, not seeing nate for 4 days, and having to be in the company of anthony and sam for 4 days.

oh, and HP is sooo coming with me. i don’t care if people look at me weird. it’s BOOK SEVEN. get over it.

ho hum

i took a break from doing nothing last weekend and went to visit melissa in fargo. i was up there four days, three nights, one of which was spent at her parents’ house in fertile. i think the highlight of the trip was seeing a former high school associate who graduated a year before i did. jeff miller.

i didn’t even know it was him until about halfway through supper, and considering he was our waiter at red lobster, i must have been blind or something. he does look different, older different. he was still tall (b-ball player), and had his nametag that said “jeff”, but it still took me that long. i don’t know if he recognized me, and i wasn’t going to say anything because i thought that might be weird. 28 and working at red lobster in fargo. he had to have gotten major athletic scholarships for college. well, like melissa said, maybe he’s working his way through law school.

i also got to take home a lot of beef! melissa’s parents had to slaughter their bull because it broke its back while doing its job. (how on earth?…) so now i have hamburger, bologna, and a roast in the freezer. mm mm!!

and i know i haven’t had a short story entry in a while. i’m not having writers’ block, because i know how the order of the story is going to go; i’m just uninspired right now. maybe in the next couple days. we’ll see.