full weekend

full weekend

some day i’m going to write a post on autumn, but i haven’t felt completely inspired – maybe after my bike trip with my dad on the root river trail. it will be october then. appropriate.
tomorrow i’m off to a social media conference in the cities for work. i went to a couple of these things while i worked at the newsleader, and i remember enjoying them, so this should be a fun time. after the conference, i’m meeting up with canada dave for supper. i’ve been talking to that dude online since 1998 – 14 years! holy cats! he’s been down this way a couple times when he goes to visit his dad in winnipeg. (really, what’s another 6-7 hours, eh?)
post-dave, i’ll stay at megan’s over night because in the morning is the BIG GAY RACE. if you have a somewhat vested interest in keeping the gay marriage amendment OUT of MN, now is the time to donate. megan and i are both running it, and i just got an email from the group and so far there are 6,000 people registered! 😮 it won’t be a race to get a good time, that’s for sure! i have a feeling my rainbow socks will be one of the more subdued outfits around 🙂 it’ll be fun whether i run or walk it.

my knee-highs 🙂

then off to st. joe where i have a FREE jimmy’s pizza waiting for me, and where i’m hoping the house sells. we got accepted to a rental that’s going to be available in november sometime, so i’m ready to be done with the house. SELL SELL SELL!!

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  1. I want to donate monies to you but I lost my wallet a few days ago 🙁 I am also jealous that you get to go for a bike ride with Dad. I missed my chance when I was at home but I spent a lot of quality time helping with house repairs and getting the chainsaw started

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