i drive through rochester and i think, man, am i ever going to become familiarized with this town? it’s got to be easier to navigate than st. cloud, which is a mess due to the river. and i could probably get you to any place in st cloud (besides the east side…that place is scary).

so i’m in the middle of a week off of running. i got back to austin early enough on sunday so that i could take a run. i had plotted out my route and wanted to try a new road, since the run along 570th is one boring run. i took the first right i could and encountered a rather bucolic gravel road with a cute little stream and a scary looking river animal and a few farms with very possessive dogs. it was nice! i was on my way to a 4-mile+ run, the first in a while. i got to my halfway point and turned around.

but first, let me tell you about my weekend shopping trip. i stopped at the endurance shop in st cloud, which is a running store. i asked the dude how often i should be changing out my shoes. every 6 months or 400-500 miles. i needed new shoes. he asked me what element i normally ran on: asphalt, track or gravel. he showed me a couple shoes, one of which was a high-traction shoe.

all that to say, i didn’t get new shoes that day. i ordered some, but i don’t think they’re high-traction.

which i could’ve used! ack! i was heading back when suddenly, boom! my ankle rolled over, i heard a huge crack in my foot and i landed on my opposite knee. first thought: OMG health insurance, do i have it? second: OMG would nate come see me?? third: OMG i want my mom!!!

oh man, it hurt. but i knew if i could get up and put weight on it, chances were it wasn’t broken. so i got up and put weight on it. it hurt, but i was able to walk. but i wasn’t able to run, which meant i wasn’t able to get back before dark. i called finnegans – no one there. ok, called ann and erin. erin picked up, and came and got me. saved!

ice, elevation, ace bandage, all that jazz. but the next morning i got up and it hurt even worse. i could barely walk on it. so i called the clinic i had insurance through (hadn’t found a dr yet, wasn’t in the system). they were booked, so i went to urgent care where they took X-rays and gave me a foot brace and crutches (didn’t use the crutches…oh well). but not broken, thank goodness.

so i’m on a break from running. and by the time i get back to it, i might have my new shoes. which, i think, have better traction than the ones i have. but, never again gravel. never again.

kablpomo 3.0

i’m currently taking applications for kablpomo 2012 themes. i hadn’t done a theme the last couple years, and last year i did kablpomo AND nanowrimo. so this year, i’m foregoing nano (i think) and focusing on kabl, so i want to put some effort into the kabl.

any ideas will be welcome. ultimately, it’s my decision, since i’m the one writing it 🙂


it’s been a really weird summer; with the job/housing situation, it’s been almost a flurry of a summer, and when the leaves started to get that really slight fall tinge a few weeks ago, i started to feel melancholy because, where’d my summer go? i had no garden, no canning, no evenings on the deck, no swimming at st john’s, no farmers’ market every week, no real cooking of any kind, no outside adventures for chasey, and especially no nate time. the last three months were a blur of driving, working, and fretting.

but then i think about autumn, and i get a little giddy. yes, winter follows, but there is nothing like harvest time, pumpkins, orangey yellowish reds, sweatshirt weather, the smell of fallen leaves, burning of said leaves, cool nights with big yellow moons, crunchy frost on the ground, baking baking baking, witches and ghosts and spookiness, and hopefully this year a drive through SE minnesota.

and it means that a mere one season away, spring will be here and hopefully next summer i’ll have a garden. plus i will look exceptionally fashionable in my new raking fox sweatshirt from woot.

oh noes

every tuesday, a small congregation of my aunt’s family gathers to watch a tv show at 8 pm. (primetime, later in the evening, note) that includes one of my cousin’s four kids, the youngest of which is 11 (i think). underage kids watching this show range from 16-11.

well, apparently, a couple weeks ago there was a lesbian kiss on it. good god!

aunt: i would’ve rather have seen a bedroom scene!
me: nods
aunt: and (11-year-old) was just sitting there staring at the tv!
me: nods, inwardly thinking, well of course she is, you’ve sheltered her!!!
aunt: and so (16-year-old, who is know-it-all catholic) got the address of the show’s writers and we’re going to write a letter to them complaining about this.
me: you should send it in a purple envelope so it gets noticed [she did not see the irony in this]

i’ll bet for every anti-lesbian-kiss letter they get, they get 20 pro. i wonder if my aunt is going to suggest boycotting the show?


more like crap my aunt does this time. i walked into the aunt’s household last night and spied a stack of romney/vote for voter ID requirement stickers and inwardly groaned. but conversation remained politically platonic.

i did notice she was wearing a new bracelet: a rubber blue one with “one man one woman” etched in it.

the stupid. it hurts.