I’ve seen a lot more bumper stickers for obama this year, and i’ve seen a lot more political billboards this year (all of which have been right-leaning).

A good example of the billboards i’ve seen lately.

A couple of the billboards have been about the voter ID amendment that we’re voting on this november, saying MN is #1 in voter fraud! Prevent voter fraud! Each one of those, all I want to do is plaster the “CITATION NEEDED” sign across it, a lΓ‘ xkcd. (what’s pretty sad is that i would guess all my readers know exactly which xkcd i’m talking about and didn’t really need to link it, but alas.)

what’s sad about the klobuchar billboard above is that i think she has a pretty darn high approval rating in the state, close to mid 60s or so, and is one of the most popular senators. (CITATION NEEDED —- ok, ok, low 60s.)

all this to say, i hope i get a chance to vote. it’s hard to figure that out if you don’t know where you’re going to be in november! i guess if it gets to be mid-october and nothing on the house front (waaaaaaaah), i’ll register for absentee vote.

new sub-blog

i’ve been spending more-than-usual time with a certain aunt* of mine, who is very vocal about her opinions Β on religion and politics. which would be ok if they aligned with my views, but since a person can’t contradict her without her praying for your immortal soul and talking about you behind your back, i sit down, nod and smile. and listen.

these are some of the more, um, colorful discussions, so far at least.

aunt, on john mccain: well, he turned out to be a jerk. too bad palin didn’t have a better running mate.
me, internally: WAT

aunt, after discussing the low-lifes who attend the fair: tsk tsk, these are the type of people who vote for obama

aunt: [daughter-in law’s] brother is getting married this saturday.
me: oh, that’s nice!
aunt: he’s getting married on a lake! not in the church! can you believe that?!
me: *looks artificially concerned*
aunt: even [son who is married to aforementioned DIL] said, don’t people know what being baptized means these days??
me: *mouth drop*

aunt: wow this mess in the middle east has gone on long enough. you know, when obama took office he said the troops would be out right away!
me: well, some of them are out…and osama bin laden is gone!
aunt: yeah, poor guy. hiding in a hole and all that’s left is a finger!
me: *facepalm*


*aunt shall remain anonymized

i baked

remember my lamented lack of cooking? well, last weekend i made pretzel rolls.

they turned out well! pretzels are pretty sparse as far as ingredients: flour, yeast, salt, some sugar, water. let it rise, form into rolls, rise again, then put in boiling soda water for 2 mins/side. bake for 10 mins. pretzels! and they weren’t too bad, either!



why are the 80s back? didn’t we learn from them the first time around? i don’t get it, and get off my lawn while you’re at it. next thing you know, we’ll be wearing silk ruffly shirts again (which might not be horrible because flannel couldn’t be far behind, right?)

anyway, this had me thinking about fashions i wore, and i figured out my ideal outfit. jeans from the early 00s, shirt/flannel from the mid-90s, shoes/accessories/hair from now. i guess i’d take any of the pairs of glasses i had except the very first pair i had.

nothing from the 80s.

i miss

not only does driving back and forth take its toll on my current life, but i miss a lot of other stuff that has taken a backseat while this whole commuting thing takes over my life.

1. cooking, for real. not the chicken breast and sweet potato i put in the microwave every night, but real, actual cooking. chopping, frying, baking, shopping. ugh. i like to make food but right now it doesn’t make sense.

2. not driving. i miss my 15-minute commute

3. all the kitties in one spot. in the same vein, i miss the door to my bedroom when sophie comes and stands on my head every morning and meows in my ear. stupid cat!

4. st. joe running. my running route in st. joe is awesome. relatively flat, goes to csb, scenic. i can choose another route with hills if i want, that’s also scenic. traffic is slow and the shoulders are large. my route in austin is static, hill up one way, then down the other, and it’s ok scenic, but you can only handle so much farmland.

5. nate. πŸ™ as much as i didn’t see him before, i see him even less now. boo.


i’m doing an old 1-minute blog on what age you consider yourself

no matter what age i’ve been, no matter what age i’ll be, i will always feel like i’m still 8 years old. there’s a sense of not having changed since i’ve been cognizant of what i think. my head is still the same, so i don’t feel like my age has changed. it’s very weird.