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word wednesday: crapulous!

word wednesday: crapulous!

crapulous. what a great word!

not to be confused with crappy, crapulous is what your head feels like the morning after a long night of drinking. crapulous is a craptastic hangover.

of course it has roots in greek, from the work kraipale (not to be confused with crap, which has roots in german and has to do with detritus). romans took over crapulous and ran with it, using it to mean just being drunk.

and there are several variations: crapulent (a very cromulent word), crapulence, crapula (not to be confused with a cupola).

(now that’s a crappy cupola.)

this has been your word wednesday. let’s bring back crapulous!

a mix of some electronics reviews

a mix of some electronics reviews

today disneyplus debuted, and being the sucker i am, i signed up for the free trial. to whit: i am currently watching “the three caballeros.”

i am streaming it via my chromecast (named chromecats haha) from the app on my phone.

WHY, you ask?

i stream netflix, amazon, hulu, etc. through my playstation 3 to my tv. but guess what? playstation stopped supporting the PS3 in march. and so disney isn’t releasing a PS3 app, which is only slightly annoying.

so i have two options to throw disney up on my TV: stream through my browser to my chromecast or from the disney app to the chromecast. the problem with this is that i’m not sure if i would use disneyplus as much as i would if it were on my ps3 as an app. but we’ll see what happens. i’ve got 7 days on a free trial to make up my mind!

OK boomer

OK boomer

oh lord, as a tail-end genX/xennial (cringe), i kind of don’t want to tackle this one, but as part of meme monday, i thought it might be apropos of the current climate we’re struggling with.

plus, i feel like “ok boomer” is sort of something genX might get behind, in a sort of “whatever” eye roll, cynical way. i liken ok boomer to my version of “you do you”: i have laid out everything that might be wrong with this decision you want to partake in, and you’re going to do it anyway. you do you.

ok, a few things to go over before we dive into the proverbial hornets nest.

  • silent generation (of great depression era): 1928-45 (my dad is in this gen)
  • baby boomer (of ok boomer):  1946-64 (my mom is in this gen)
  • genX: 1965-1980 (i am in this gen)
  • millennials: 1981-1996 (all my sibs are in this gen)
  • genZ: 1997-present

(just a note: please stop calling everyone under 25 a millennial. millennials are 24-38 for crying out loud. the majority of them are in their 30s and some nearing 40.)

here’s how ok boomer started: an older man was in a video in which he said, “millennials and Generation Z have the Peter Pan syndrome, they don’t ever want to grow up; they think that the Utopian ideals that they have in their youth are somehow going to translate into adulthood”. in early april, the phrase ok boomer started in reaction to this as a retaliation and criticism of baby boomer-shaped politics, economics and the environment policies.

the big thing about ok boomer is that genZ is fed up with baby boomers and their views on racism, climate change, technology, the economic state, pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, etc. and that millennials and genX should be right on board with them in the disgust. or genX (the forgotten generation) would be on the sidelines watching the fight, eating popcorn (maybe with the silent generation).

“The older generations grew up with a certain mind-set, and we have a different perspective,” Ms. O’Connor said. “A lot of them don’t believe in climate change or don’t believe people can get jobs with dyed hair, and a lot of them are stubborn in that view. Teenagers just respond, ‘Ok, boomer.’ It’s like, we’ll prove you wrong, we’re still going to be successful because the world is changing.” (source)

but here’s the problem with this ok boomer generalization: no matter what generation you’re in, there are idiosyncrasies. my mom is the furthest thing from a racist or climate change denier, and she’s a boomer. the majority of genZ guys at my school to get a trades degree are trump voters. the top end of genX is mid-50s and is most likely economically stable and won’t understand this whole avocado toast/home loan thing. millennials are in their 30s and have responsibilities just like everyone else. (meanwhile, you do realize everyone is burnt out?)

i think anyone can be on either end of the ok boomer meme. my mom could walk into the welding lab and say “ok boomer” to the dude wearing a trump hat, and it would fit. it’s just that looking at generalizations of each generation, that’s where it falls.

of course, the baby boomers have taken great offense to this, saying it’s ageism and denigrating. to which i say, check yoself. you were the ones crying about how awful millennials are for not buying your superlarge homes and getting joy from owning plants. eyeroll*. (*classic genX!)

i’m not sure where to take this from here. i do have to react to the original older gentleman in the video about growing up, because who really wants to grow up? and what is wrong with bring a few childlike fancies into the world as an adult? sure makes it less boring, more inviting, and kind of fun^. but if this ok boomer craze is the start of something that will effect some change, i guess it might be ok.** i’m going to stick with you do you.

^ whoa, there’s the xennial in me peeking out!

**back to classic genX hahaha

chilled for now

chilled for now

happy veterans long weekend! i have monday off. thank you, bank holidays!

i went out this evening to get some stuff at walmart, and it was a lovely 12º outside. you know that first day of the cold season when it’s so cold that it sucks any moisture from the air and you breathe in pure cold? it was that tonight. of course, we are minnesotans, so i saw a guy sprinting into walmart with just his sweatshirt on. i, on the other hand, don’t much care about keeping up hardiness appearances and had my winter jacket, my hat, and my gloves on (no mittens quite yet – have to have some semblance of easing into the season).

on saturday, i bought a new couch as part of a veterans day sale. i’m really happy about the couch, and it should be arriving in 4-5 weeks. here’s to veterans day sales! (slowly but sure, you will see how this post will evolve into a someday sunday post.) i did some research, agreed on a color with nate, and stopped on my way into st. cloud to take advantage of the sale.

there are a lot of little shops that use this weekend as their holiday open house. not only is it a holiday(ish) weekend, but it’s also deer opener, which means the MEN are out hunting and the WOMEN are out gathering… their christmas decor (don’t get me started on this christmas overtaking the stores the minute halloween is over. ugh). stack the events on top of each other, and it’s a nice sale weekend.

which makes me a little melancholy, because for several years when i lived in st. cloud and my mom lived in new london, we would both take monday off and go shopping. she’d do the majority of her christmas shopping, and i would do some this-and-that shopping (because i was usually done christmas shopping by this point). it’d be an all-day affair, with having lunch; perusing several stores like target, best buy, barnes and noble, and macy’s; and then ending with a too-early sunset as she dropped me off at my house on her way home to new london. i’m not sure how many years we did it, but we did try it out once or twice in rochester, and it just wasn’t the same. one lucky year we were up in the st. cloud area for another event and took advantage of the situation.

now, of course, it’s a different story. i’m here where the “good shopping” is and she’s in SE minnesota, and it’s just not gonna work out 🙁 she’s not going to waste her energy down there where it’s not a good experience. but, even though it’s not the same, i will go shopping up here over the veterans day weekend because i feel like i’ve got to keep the spirit alive.

because someday, i think she’ll be back. maybe at that point she won’t be especially excited about doing a ton of shopping, but the season will beckon, and we’ll have to brave the cold.

sad saturday

sad saturday

boo welcome to melancholy november and an abbreviated kablpomo. this morning i went out to st. john’s to try out my new wide angle lens, and it was just dreary out. in the last 50 feet to my car, it started to sleet. excellent. so here are a few pics from my mile or so walk through the woods in the doldrums of fall.

alas, kablpomo

alas, kablpomo

as i was driving home tonight, i realized it was already november 6 and kablpomo hadn’t even crossed my mind. eyeroll at myself.

so, i guess this is here to ask if there’s anything you want me to blog about! i’m going to write myself a reminder to blog every night and hope for the best. after any suggestions, i’ll write myself a schedule! maybe i’ll start this weekend.

i’m not happy with myself for not even remembering that november started and hence kablpomo starts!

fall vibes monday four

fall vibes monday four

oh hello! here are some random thoughts for this almost-end-of-october day.

on fall vibes

well, not feeling the fall vibes. sure, it’s cold. and the leaves are mostly gone. the treadmill’s back in use (ugh). but i’m still not feeling like fall’s my bff. looking forward to halloween, but not in an “omg it’s halloween!” sort of way. 🙁 maybe it’s because it was kind of a weird fall again. never really a string of 55-70º days like i want it to be – either hot or cold. i mean, it was 29º when i left work this afternoon. that’s december weather, come on.

i’ve invited my family to come for thanksgiving, as nate took the whole week off and won’t be grumpy about people (as much anyway). i don’t know if anyone is coming though. 🙁 i guess we’ll see what happens with that. i’m kind of looking forward to thanksgiving – does that count as fall vibes?

on vsco girls.

so what is a vsco girl? i saw the term on twitter a couple weeks ago and had to google it because it suddenly became a thing. turns out that a basic b–ch is now a vsco girl (my ascertained understanding). vsco is an app that you can use to edit photos, and girls (mostly white teenage girls) will pose in their scrunchies and other brought-back 90s apparel, and post to instagram or some other photo-sharing app. i guess the terms sksksksk and i oop are also used by vsco girls, of which both terms are pretty much stolen from minority slang (and as well all have learned with “woke,” once it’s slang is stolen from the minorities, it’s jumped the shark).

meh. now i know i guess. time to find my vintage scrunchies? (carrie bradshaw is dying inside.)

i liked berger.

on the craigslist killer

i once again survived the CL killer! except, a couple caveats (no i’m not blogging from the beyond). this was actually a facebook marketplace transaction. AND it was my first successful marketplace transaction!

BUT i have a NEW LENS. and it’s my first L series from canon, which is super fancy. so, my wide angle lens kicked the bucket. the aperture is sticking and it won’t close. i checked prices to fix it, and it was anywhere from $150-200, which isn’t great for a lens that doesn’t work that well with my new camera anyway. so instead, i perused the used ads for a comparable lens, and lo! i found one on FB. i met up with the guy on friday night in the cities and got a lens and a fancy filter for a steal. i’ve already sold the filter for $80, so really? i’ve saved $150 for not fixing the one lens and made $80 off my purchase. i have yet to test out the lens, as this weekend was pretty awful weather wise, but i’m hoping for an opportunity in the next week to try it out a little better.

on scary movie month

scary movie month is not going that well. as halloween is almost upon us, i feel like i need to ramp up quickly. the good news is i’ve gotten through all the screams (the ones that count, anyway. [i’m looking at you, 4]) and seen cabin in the woods, tucker and dale vs. evil, and from dusk til dawn.

the only additional ones i really want to watch are hocus pocus and evil dead II. i getter get done with this blog post so i can watch one.

on this upcoming weekend

i’m heading to the SE this weekend! i’m going to roch on friday to meet up with jenee, then we’re celebrating charlie’s cheatin the reaper day with some cake and celebrations. i’m attempting a new recipe for a monster cookie cake, which includes oatmeal choco chip cake and peanut butter frosting. sounds delish. and on that note, i’m also not doing well on this month’s dietbet. mexico really screwed me up and now i’m not sure if i’ll make this month’s goal. i thought that november would be my downfall (curse you thanksgiving!) but it might be october. hoping i can get it together in the next four days :/

ok. fall vibes out. off for some treadmill time and then hopefully a scary movie.

book review: “the library book”

book review: “the library book”

i just finished up “the library book” which was excellent. it’s about the LA library fire in the 80s and just info on the library in general. i learned a lot about how it came to be, the building, the head librarians (a couple early ones were women!), and the investigation into the guy who was accused of arson.

her description of the fire itself was fantastic: how it started, its movement, the way it was a perfect fire and burned so hot that it had no color. she started the book with the fire, so this was real hook into reading the rest of the book.

it was also really encouraging to read about how the LA library system is evolving as it grows. because it had to basically start over in the early 90s, it was one of the first libraries to go electronic. and now they’re trying to figure out how to help the homeless population and the patrons who want to utilize the library for more than just books. i love how libraries have always been about more than just books, too. the first head librarian wanted to add tennis racquets to the loan list.


interesting fact: the fire happened on the same day as chernobyl, so the media coverage of it was almost nil. i had never heard that the LA library had a major fire (neither had the author; it’s why she wrote the book).

so, highly recommend reading the book to learn more about the LA library fire, the investigation, and libraries in general.

olé losers!

olé losers!

so i went to mexico! usually i bring a laptop with me when i travel and i blog every night, but i didn’t want to bring one with me this time, so i am blogging post haste at home before i forget what we did.


lori picked me up and we headed to jane’s house around 4 p.m. from my house because we had to leave for our flight at 6 a.m. the next morning. the most exciting thing we did was go with jane to get her some flipflops.


the next day was almost entirely travel. we left MSP and had a layover in mexico city, where we changed money and had lunch, and then we caught another plane to puerto vallarta.

we left at 6 a.m. and got to puerto vallarta around 8 p.m. in the rain (no time change!). no one told us it was the rainy season! the good news is that it rains mostly in the evening and night, so our mornings and days were pretty nice. hot and humid, but nice. that night when we got in, we took a brief tour and then headed to one of the restaurants for buffet supper (food wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad).


our first full day in mexico! first, i have to say that i was impressed with how much spanish i understood and how much came back to me. i was able to converse somewhat coherently. we woke up bright and early on friday because we had an excursion planned. we partook in the breakfast buffet, which was the best part of the all-inclusiveness of our resort. the bread in mexico is awesome.

then we got in a cab to go to our jump-off point for the one tour we had planned. we took a hosted ride up to san pancho and then sayulita. it was nice because we learned a lot about the area from our guide and got to drive through the rainforest and mountains to each little town. on the way, we stopped at a roadside stand to try some local fruits (jackfruit, pineapple, tamarind, coconut, etc.) and i got some vanilla extract – 3 liters for $20!

san pancho was quiet and small, and we visited a chocolate shop, a community center, and the beach. i have to say i am totally impressed with mexico’s recycling program. not only do they have a good one in place, but the people actually recycle. score one, mexico.

then we headed to sayulita, which was a little more intense.

we stopped at a tequila shop so liz could buy something for doug, and then we went on the beach where we stopped and had a piña colada and tried to ignore the vendors strolling about.

after that, we headed to a quieter location where our tour group fed us some pretty awesome tacos and i had a spicy mango margarita. (also: no fresh mangoes down there! i was a disappoint.)

we got back midafternoon and then it was beachtime!

the ocean was warm. the sun was hot. my sunscreen held.

that night we decided to try out the “steakhouse” at the resort, and it was mediocre at best. my “medium” ribeye was well done. the good food on our plates was the fried bar food – onion rings, fries, etc. but the view was nice and we saw some baby turtles hatch and make their way down to the water!


this was a lazy day! we started off at the beach after breakfast at the buffet (the breakfast was, once again, the best thing about the food). i also need to point out that all of us were usually drinking each morning by 10 a.m. i guess one good thing about all inclusive is you can find a bartender at any time.

there was a pool with a swimup bar, so we took advantage of that! then we’d head out to the beach and listen to the waves. after lunch on saturday (another mediocre buffet except i managed to just eat a plate of vegetables [good job self] and i had this amazeballs butterscotch cream puff), i requested we walk down the beach because i thought i’d seen a massage hut, and lo! we found it! i got an hour massage for $30USD including tip. i pay $70 for an hour massage here without tip and that’s relatively cheap. jane and i both pretty much flashed everyone at the beach because it was an open air massage, but you gotta take that if you’re gonna get a massage next to the crashing ocean.

that night we decided to go somewhere else for supper. i found a little restaurant right on the beach that had 4.5 stars on google, so we got in a taxi and braved all los topes (speed bumps) into buceria to mar y sol. we started off on the beach with our feet in the sand and ended up moving indoors when it started to rain.

we ordered some chips and guac and then some giant drinks. liz and jane each ordered basically two entrees, which neither finished. i got a plate of fresh seafood in a garlicky sauce.

i mean, yum.

after liz and jane stuffed themselves and we left a huge tip, we put our food in doggie bags and our server said he’d hang onto it for us and to come back so he can get us a taxi (finding a good taxi is necessary). we took a walk down and couple blocks and back to check out buceria. THEN i found the best thing ever: a churro stand. huzzah! i got fresh churros stuffed with nutella. we also stopped at an art gallery where jane got a couple pieces.

we were about a half a block away and our server was waving us over telling us he’d already gotten us a taxi and that we should have a seat, pulling out a couple chairs. (that’s how i knew we left a huge tip.)

once we got back, i ate one of the churros, and it was probably the best thing i ate on the trip. it was still hot and crispy, covered in sugar and cinnamon and stuffed with nutella. even the next day when it was cold and slightly soggy, it was still delicious.

then it was saturday night! we played some bad  rounds of quiddler and then headed down to the resort’s dance party. we found some awesome mexican tías (or, they found us), and we danced with them. the best was when achey breaky heart came on and EVERYONE LINE DANCED. wat.

after the dance party ended, the discoteca opened up, and we went in there and danced for a while. jane left early, then liz made a creepy friend on the dance floor. after lori and i thought liz had been kidnapped by the drug cartel, we all made it back to the hotel room. whew!


our last day! sad face. once again a buffet breakfast, then to the beach and pool. the waves at the beach were giant – i decided i did not want to get in there. then liz got slapped in the face with a fish and the fun was over. we spent some quality time at the pool; we got there early enough to sit at the swimup bar and order some drinks early on. we did some water aerobics with a group of people who were no younger than 50, but it was super fun. the instructor was jazzed and i was tipsy enough that it was a blast.

another veggie-licious buffet lunch for me, then we all took a nap to recover from saturday night a bit more before heading out to puerto vallarta’s malecon, a streetwalk of sculptures and art along the beach, which then crosses over into the gay district.

at this point, it was getting pretty steamy and we had been walking a while; jane was ready to call it quits. we decided to sit on the top floor of a restaurant and get some snacks to see how we felt after that. the breeze was nice, the guac delicious, and the fish tacos even better. but the best part was the view.

after that we walked another couple blocks and then caught a cab back to our hotel, just in time for a fantastic sunset on the beach.

then it was time to pack 🙁

you’ll be happy to know that, unlike california, all my junk fit quite nicely in my trunk. including the 3 liters of vanilla!

we hit the hay early because we needed to be out the door by 6:30 the next morning.


travel day. we had two layovers: one in mexico city and another in atlanta. i got the middle seat with two strangers during the flight from mexico city to atlanta, so that was fun.

but the plane back to MSP was ginormous and not full, so lori and i shared 3 seats and liz and jane shared 3.

we headed out the doors of MSP into 40º weather and whispers of october snow that fell while we were gone. when we opened the car door at jane’s house, it smelled like fall. and so now i sit at home again with routine lulling me into my false sense of time to be had. time to travel more.

and even though you’ve heard it many times when returning from travels, i leave you with my favorite quote by michael perry:

“…to this day my two favorite things in the world are solitude and motion. I’ve found them in the next county, in a semi crossing the Nevada state line, on a Hungarian train, and on a bus approaching the Guatamalan border. In times of trouble, motion is my morphine. But as much as I love to run, I love even more to come home. At every latitude, my compass swivels to point back here, to little old New Auburn. This place is my true north. A stray dog running, as it turns out, is just circling the rug.”

whole foods – no joke

whole foods – no joke

i’m doing a transformer dietbet, which is 6 months long, and they have regular prize drawings (i guess to keep us motivated). anyway, i won a $100 giftcard to whole foods!

i’d never been to a whole foods in my life. i’ve been to trader joe’s (like it), my local food co-ops (love them), the byerly’s in town when i need something weird and i know they have it (it’s ok but i don’t go regularly). but i’d avoided whole foods because of the whole “apples cost $20 for 3 of them” chatter that the internet proliferates.

but now i had $100 to spend that wasn’t my money, and i guess it was time to set foot in a whole foods. the closest one is in maple grove, so nate and i hauled down there** to go to duluth trading company for a return and nate’s purchase of underwear (guys, i guess the bullpen boxer briefs are where it’s at – be prepared to spend $30/pair though) and then go to whole foods to use the gift card.

well, i guess that the costly apple analogy isn’t entirely wrong…we spent $99.13 (after amazon prime discount) and here’s what we got:

  • 2 frozen skillet meals
  • 2 oatmilk yogurt cups (don’t buy this. it’s bland. and meh.)
  • tofurkey smoked lunch meat (like, 5 slices)
  • smallish bag of terra chips
  • some other smallish bag of chips
  • impossible burger patties (2)
  • box of roobios tea (YAY i’m actually really happy with this purchase)
  • sweet potato fries
  • hamburger buns
  • rice crispy bar (1)
  • prepared burrito (like a lunchbox meal)
  • 3 macarons
  • biodegradable sunscreen for my trip to mexico* so i don’t kill the coral reefs
  • gouda cheese
  • pretzel baguette
  • a peanut butter bar for my drive home
  • a container of cut mango
  • bag of stir fry veggies kit

when i got to the checkout, i realized i needed the whole foods app in order to take advantage of the amazon prime sale/discounts, so i quickly got that on my phone, and that saved $13. good grief.

you know what i could buy at aldi for $100? 3x this amount of food. and overall, aldi isn’t bad about the whole organic, cleanish food thing.

whole foods reminded me a lot of byerly’s, except fewer old people. but the prices, the food, the pretentiousness – yes. the prices weren’t THAT far off from a trader joe’s, but i feel like TJ’s is a lot more “fun” if that makes sense.

if i hadn’t had that gift card, i probably would never have set foot in a whole foods ever. i guess i can now, and i’ve got some food that i wouldn’t have gotten otherwise!

*omg i haven’t blogged about this at all! did you know i’m headed to mexico in 5 days? i’ve gotta pack!

**megan – we need to reschedule our visit! i would’ve invited you to come with me on this, but nate and i had this planned before i even planned our visit 🙁  stupid work. i’ll figure out a day and send you a calendar invite.