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finished friday

finished friday

well, kablpomo comes to an end on foodie friday, and i have no food pics for you. i did finally clean out all the thanksgiving food from the fridge and went grocery shopping tonight for real food. i found out that greek gods yogurt made a maple flavor, and it was on clearance at fresh thyme, so i bought two giant containers of it. it’s delicious!

i also got some pretzels and i’m going to attempt to make almond bark pretzels, which i will most likely inhale in two days.

other than that, all quiet on the food front. december starts tomorrow, which means my lindt advent calendar starts tomorrow!! that’s a little exciting. a piece of chocolate for every day in december leading up to christmas! i saw a cheese advent calendar at some grocery store i was at and i should’ve bought it.

oh, one other piece of food news i guess. tomorrow nate and i are going to anton’s to celebrate our 13th anniversary. popovers here we come!

foodie friday thanksgiving edition

foodie friday thanksgiving edition

i am failing on the blogging this year, but i am winning at backdating.

i also failed to take many pics this year of thanksgiving food, but so it goes when the only real things we made were pies and stuffing.

thanksgiving was pretty laid back! jane and i walked a 5k in the morning, saw a movie, then came home and made the squash galette, which turned out better than last year!

this year, i used the paul hollywood rough puff folding technique when i folded the butter into the dough, and goodness gracious if that didn’t make a difference. the dough was super flaky and crisp, and it definitely didn’t have a soggy bottom. it also got done a lot quicker. (i’m not sure if this makes a difference at all, but i did let it sit in the fridge for three days before rolling it out.) so, hollywood handshake on that galette for sure. it also had some bacon in it, which of course makes a delightful taste addition to an advertised vegetarian option.

the actual dinner was pretty simple. we reheated five things and called it a day. the galette was the most labor intensive thing of the day, and after that it was rolling out bread dough for rolls (i didn’t even make the dough. just thawed it out in the freezer). turkey was purchased premade, potatoes premade, gravy premade. perfect. the dishes sat overnight and we did them 24 hours later.

well, the one fail this year was my first pumpkin pie. i had no white sugar, so i decided to use coconut sugar which said could be used 1:1 for replacement. MISTAKE. that pie tasted awful. so i made another pumpkin pie last night because i wasn’t going to go through thanksgiving with no pumpkin pie (even though we have a maple and sweet potatoes pies).

this one is much better. already had a giant piece for breakfast!

in other news, i’ve got to run like 6 miles tonight. blarf. 

bonus: foodie saturday

bonus: foodie saturday

i had a very foodalicious saturday so i thought i’d share.

first i made a chicken wild rise hot dish that was at brewlash this year. it had 2 cups of gouda cheese in it – that was enough to make it worth making.

after eating that deliciousness, i attempted the … wait for it….


yes, this was the one recipe i saw on the great british bake off that i was just flabbergasted that i’d never made and that looked absolutely delicious.

i went to america’s test kitchen and found a recipe.

of course i had to make some adjustments. since i was out of flour, and it sounded like it would be delicious, i swapped out AP flour with almond flour for the shortbread. i made the caramel almost to the recipe. since i don’t eat devil’s syrup, i used lyle’s golden syrup instead. and then instead of dark chocolate on top, i used milk chocolate and added dark chocolate shavings and salt on the top.

these aren’t that difficult to make – the most tedious part is making sure the caramel doesn’t burn, but that just takes paying attention for 15 minutes.

as you can see, i wasn’t winning any presentation awards from paul hollywood, but i kid you not – one of the more delicious things i’ve eaten in my life. definitely will make again.

foodie friday: GBBO edition

foodie friday: GBBO edition

oh yes, the time has come to review what i’ve made after drooling over the great british bake off.

ok, well, after doing a bit of research, it turns out i’ve only made ONE recipe so far, but in my head i’d counted an additional one because i got a paul hollywood handshake from jane.

SO. first, i made the apricot couronne, which is really tasty.

(photo not mine)

i made this over easter or something a year or so ago, and it was actually pretty easy to make (when you know what you’re doing). while i’m not a huge fan of working with yeast (it never seems to cooperate), the apricot filling in this along with the almonds and icing on top really made it worth worrying about yeast.

the second recipe i was thinking of was actually recommended by lynn from the splendid table: the squash galette. man, it’s delicious!

the crust is flaky and made with whole wheat flour. the filling has squash, sour cream, cheese, spinach, and while the recipe is for vegetarians, i like to add bacon for a little bit of bacon-y goodness. i’ve already made one this fall and i definitely plan to make at least one more. hmmm… maybe i’ll make another tomorrow!

all this to say, sunday i will be making the MILLIONAIRE SHORTBREAD. this was made during caramel week on  GBBO, and i could NOT believe that i had never had it or made it. it looks absolutely delicious: shortbread crust, caramel, and then a layer of chocolate. of course they have to be perfect on GBBO, but i don’t even care if they’re a mess because i will EAT THEM WITH A SPOON. i am so excited to make these and even more excited to eat them on monday after my stupid dietbet is over!

(this pic not mine either)

i’m going to use some almond flour in the crust, and i’m trying to figure out a good way to add some peanut butter. we’ll see what happens.

as an aside, i’m also making chicken wild rice hotdish this weekend, so if anyone wants to visit me, i am open to that 🙂

non-foodie friday

non-foodie friday

although fridays are dedicated to foodies ideals, this friday i am talking to you about my dietbet. yes, during foodie fridays, i’m not eating much food.

dietbet is an app and there are a ton of games to choose from, either a kickstarter where you lose 2% over a month or a transformer, 10% over 6 months. you bet money against yourself to lose the weight along with a lot of other people, and after final weighin, the pot is split among the winners. this month’s game is the second kickstarter i’ve done. i gave myself a month between them so i can eat like i want to for a little bit. also, ragnar was in there. i wasn’t dieting during that!

anyway, losing 2% of your weight in a month is a really aggressive weight loss regimen. myfitnesspal wants me to eat 1200 calories a day with a sedentary lifestyle (during the winter i’m sedentary. summertime i’m lightly active). then i log my running. yoga is a freebie unless it’s an hour of HIIT yoga, then i log that.

but keeping myself to 1200 calories is difficult! i try to eat oatmeal for breakfast because that is filling. then i have a protein bar for lunch (ok, a couple days i’ve had curly fries from the cafeteria, not gonna lie). by the time i come home, i’m pretty hangry and eat usually chicken and a crap ton of vegetables, sometimes rice. my kitchen scale is the most valuable thing i have in my kitchen right now. if i run, i will eat some sort of carbalicious thing, like yogurt or a cookie or a bagel with cream cheese or a piece of toast slathered in raspberry jam. but then i’m done eating for the night. if i get hungry, i’ll drink water. if it doesn’t go away, i’ll have either some popcorn or flavored rice cakes (which are actually not too horrible). i log everything in myfitness pal and hope i get enough protein and iron during the day.

so far, the limitations in eating haven’t really affected my running, especially since i’m not running hugely long distances due to ragnar being over. but i’ve also started treadmill running, which is really depressing and i’m not looking forward to at least 4 more months of it. i think the biggest accomplishment with this dietbet so far is that i’ve dipped into onederland and maintained it for more than a week now, so that’s something i haven’t seen since probably 1999. i’m also officially in the “overweight” bmi range. high five to self on no longer being obese! it’s also time to do another progress pic. i’ve lost 70 lbs since my highest weight!

i haven’t decided if i’ll do another dietbet. if i do, i’ll wait until january so i can get the holidays in without feeling guilty (and losing). i also have a feeling that the dietbets will be flooded with new years resolutioners, so maybe i’ll make some cash.

the first dietbet i made $12, so i have high hopes for this one, which ends on nov. 12. the day after i do my final weigh in will be a happy day with many tacos.

ugh, that looks so good



in august i tried out dietbet, where you bet money against yourself to lose weight. the pot is split at the end among those who win. i worked like a crazy person to lose 8 lbs, and i did it! i won $12 on top of the initial $35, too!

that said, the dietbet has ended and i’ve been eating like a normal person again (for me, that means too much, generally *eyeroll for myself*). and so today i decided to bump up my training for ragnar, which is in THREE WEEKS.

this morning around 11:30 i went out for a 3-mile road run. it was humid out, my worst enemy, but i finished with a decentish time. then 7 hours later, i headed out to st. john’s for a trail run for 8 miles, which i smashed, considering how i’ve done on long trail runs recently.

thank goodness i’ve been able to eat food to support my running!

anyway, i kind of wanted to continue the dietbet because it’s a good motivator, but i need to take a break in september. i need to eat more than net 1300 calories a day to run well, and i can’t let my teammates down after last year!! but october’s coming, and i can probably try out another dietbet, just in time for the holidays!

speaking of ragnar, after last year’s awful 4 mile and debilitating ankle sprain that i ran all of the red loop on, i have been taking preventative measures out on the trail. both my knees are taped/braced up, and i wear a heavy duty brace on my right foot (problem foot to begin with). i’m also planning on going to PT for my that foot in hopes that it will get a little more resilient.


*i probably won’t, but it’s a nice thought.

alt cake

alt cake

i made a carrot cake today with almond flour, craisins, and almonds. turned out decent! i think i would put a tad more sugar in it next time. i also made a half batch so it was just one 9″ pan of cake.

foodie friday: thanksgiving recap

foodie friday: thanksgiving recap

that’s a lot of food to cook. maybe next year we’ll do tacos.
so jane had an enjoyable time hacking out the spine of the turkey so we could spatchcock it. it makes for a quick roasting time and a more even cook. this year i bought a smaller whole turkey and then bought a turkey breast so there were leftovers for everyone to take home.
liz did good getting the table figured out! those are some of my birch logs that i cut up and made into tealight holders. happy with how they turned out!
the bird turned out really well! and there’s that great gravy that jane spent three hours stirring. 
we tried a weird corn dish this year that i think everyone’s ok with not making again. i think we might pass on brussels sprouts next year, also. that’s a lot of food. 
i have a ton of leftovers! which is ok. and pie galore!

foodie friday: a christmas cookie catastrophe

foodie friday: a christmas cookie catastrophe

i’ve written about my nose issues. they haven’t really resolved themselves. i’ve taken a round of antibiotics for sinus problems that i got from my dentist, and since then, i feel like my sniffer comes back for a nanosecond, then it’s gone. perhaps the future bodes well in the olfactory department. 
until then, there are a lot food-centric holidays approaching, and my taste buds are crying. i should be relatively ok through thanksgiving, as savory foods seem to be ok for the most part. i’m not worried about the turkey, slightly worried about the dressing, but mashed potatoes and squash should be ok. pumpkin pie will be…ok…sort of. at least it’s not chocolate, which seems to be the worst of the worst, along with vanilla cake. 
but christmas? that has me worried.
i looove making christmas cookies. and EATING them. they are delicious! 
and why would i go through all the work of making cookies if they taste like a compost heap? disgusting. and i’m not making loads of cookies just to give them all away and not be able to eat any. what’s the point?
i’m especially worried about crack balls (photo above). these little guys are delicious. i might give them a try and coat them in something other than chocolate – i don’t know if almond bark would work; i’d have to give it a good ol’ sniff to see how it makes me feel.
so, i think i’m going to try some of my faves that i think might be ok: eggnog snickerdoodles and ginger molasses cookies. i know i can’t make the peanut butter blossom cookies. they’ll be gross. perhaps some spritzes might be ok. i’ll just have to make a half batch at a time and see how it goes. 
this nose blows.
ps: i deliberately did not post yesterday’s post to twitter. if you want to read it, feel free to click through to the homepage and check it out. i didn’t need it to be “discovered.”

foodie friday! squash-potato soup

foodie friday! squash-potato soup

[yumprint-recipe id=’2′]

once a year i give a go at squash potato soup. it’s always sweeter than i remember it (that squash is sweet!), but i really like it. so here’s your foodie friday post! unlike most food bloggers, i put the recipe at the top so you don’t have to scroll for days through someone’s life story before you find the recipe. (i hate that.)


i had a bunch of butternut squash from my garden this year, so i had to do something with it. hello soup!


I also have some thyme growing in the giant flower garden that was here when i moved in. the gift that keeps on giving! now it’s just like it’s freeze-dried (haha. stupid cold weather.)



after the stick blender. best $15 i ever spent. seriously, it’s worth it if you do a lot of soups or sauces.


mmmm, topped with feta cheese and leftover thyme leaves.