today i learned that my aunt is boycotting a restaurant in town because a server or owner someone associated with the restaurant had an abortion because the child would be severely handicapped. o.O

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  1. ????? does she even know this for sure? who the crap shares things like that? if i ever had to do that [life-willing, i won’t ever have to], i sure as heck won’t be telling anybody outside the family and no one in the family who can’t keep their mouth shut!

    1. i am unclear on the details. as far as i know, someone there was going to (actually, DID) do it, and i don’t know how she caught wind, but she encouraged her to go to birthline to talk to someone about it, and the person at birthline freaked out at her about sending that person. now, she doesn’t go either because the mother works there or the birthline person does and is mad at her. why is this so drama full??

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