Every November, nanowrimo, National Novel Writing Month, takes place. Some years I just don’t have the time to take up writing 50,000 words in that month, so instead I have replaced it with KABLPOMO – Kate’s Blog Posting Month! Pronounced cable-po-mo, I try to follow some sort of theme at least for half my posts, and luckily Thanksgiving is in there, so that’s a good three days of food-related posts and photos.

This past year, I tried a bunch of Pinterest things, some of which worked and some of which did not. I try to get ideas from my readers as to what they want to see on my month of blog posting, and when that fails, I try to make a lot of posts image heavy (because visual is king, says the Interactive Marketing Specialist).

This year in keeping with the KABLPOMO spirit, I have tried to post at least 15 days a month, which has gone very well so far. But come November, you’ll be seeing a lot more posts from me!

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