the daily derp

i’ve always wondered if i could exploit ralf’s antics a la grumpy cat, maru, lil bub, etc. he seems to be getting a good reception on my fb feed, so i feel i’m missing an opportunity here. seems to be open for the taking, but then i become one of those specialized bloggers, which i hate. perhaps i should start a daily derp on here? i could make its own little section of the blog. what say you, readers?



” U.S. outraged by Myanmar government’s slow response”
that is part of an article i was reading about the typhoon cyclone* in myanmar (aka burma).

which, is kinda funny. can we say…. new orleans?

the prez wants to be humanitarian
quick! help those hit by a typhoon
doesn’t look in his own country
what a maroon!
burma shave

(referencing this and this for my little rhyme)

*wrote my jingle before i realized it was a cyclone, not a typhoon. i’m leaving it. i like it.

teh funniez

if you haven’t seen the sarah silverman/mattdamon / ben affleck/jimmy kimmel videos, please do. hilarious

watch sarah first (as much as i don’t like her, she’s pretty good here)

now watch jimmy’s response

(i know i’m always a little late on these things, but hey, it’s FUNNYYYY and harrison ford makes a cameo!!)


a story about people drinking cough syrup to get high! thought it’d be of interest since my bro’s friends are doing this.


last night i cruised on over to new london to get some stuff done that i’d been meaning to do for about a month now. i picked up my sister ‘s tax stuff (yes liz! you will finally get some $!!), dropped off a baggie of my brother’s cds that he had left at my place, and got some addresses for my invites so i can get save the date cards sent out.

well, after all this, my mom, brother and i were sitting in the living room discussing the events of the day. i shared my tale of free jimmy’s and charlie added some horror stories from working there as well. then we got on the subject of his friends drinking robitussin recreationally. apparently, the cough suppressant part if it is also a psychadelic drug inducer, called DXM (i think). kandiyohi county has apparently taken all their robitussin and put it behind counters. charlie’s friends are not happy. anyway, when asked what charlie says when asked if he wants to participate in drinking a bottle of cough syrup (eeeewwww), he says,

“i don’t need to get my jollies from drinking a bottle of robitussin.”


so i’m cruising my usual news sites today, and perchance i just decide to go on msn again, just for the heck of it. lately i’ve been avoiding all things msn because of their huge monopoly.
i come to the main page and lo and behold, and article on wireless internet
there is a pic.

and what is it of?
on msn.

hell just froze over.

now watch this drive.