keeping my mouth shut

keeping my mouth shut

i try to be lightly contradictory with me aunt. just enough contradiction in the form of a question or statement i know is true to let her know i’m not swallowing her dogma whole.
tonight it was teh gays. they went to see a lawyer speak last night on the amendment. same old blah blah blah.
aunt: it will open up a whole can of worms. if it’s legal, they’ll start making the church marry them.
me: i was under the impression that the individual churches could do what they want-that it was more of a state legal issue.
uncle: no, because then it’s discrimination
me to self: what is it NOW??
aunt: and it’s not natural-children should be raised by both parents to be healthy. little girls should not be raised by men.
me doing all i can not to scream: what on earth about single dads?? single moms?? aaaaauuuggghhh

2 thoughts on “keeping my mouth shut

  1. 🙁 the more you post, the more i am grateful our mother got a job away from them when she did. i love our rellies, but they sure do test patience and goodwill… hang in there!

  2. and another thing!
    it could be said….could! …that by abortion being legal, there are that many less children who aren’t raised by both a mother and a father. I would guess that the majority of abortions are performed on unmarried women whose sperm-donors have bailed. (too lazy to look it up.)
    so really, their gay agenda and their abortion agenda really collide with each other.

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