how much did this day suck?

the day started off okay. i got a phone call from the st john’s liturgical press wanting an interview with me (yay!) and went to work, which went okay. i got friday off so i can run my weekend errands before i leave for the weekend to new london for the big 75th bday extravaganza.

then i left work and my parking spot was taken at home. in fact, there were NO parking spots available. which is extremely annoying since people are supposed to park only one car in the back, so 6 total, and there’s 9 cars back there now. and then people’s guests decide to park back there too. anyway, i parked on the street and as i was walking up, the “guests” walked outside and i yelled “ARE YOU LEAVING” at them, then shouted multiple profanities at them and called the cops.

not really. just making sure you were paying attention.

so i parked in back, but at this point i was still extremely annoyed because i had to drive around the block looking for a spot on the street. it took much restraint from ramming my car into theirs.

and then i walked in and found that nate didn’t take out the recycling; i had asked him yesterday if he would, and he said yes. and the recycling is right by the door, about 8 bags of it, so you couldn’t miss it.

furthering my aggravation, i then had to take out the recycling.

i’m still annoyed. grrrr. poo.


no job. who does that??? all she said was that they narrowed it to 2 candidates and i wasn’t one of them, and can she keep my resume on file. that could have been said on a message. she did say my interview was “dynamite” though. the other peeps just had a broader background in graphic design, something i can’t really compete with. my 8 yrs experience versus 16? or my newspaper versus advertising agency? eh, i’m apathetic now.

so i have another interview on wednesday AM for a copywriter at creative memories. something i have never interviewed for. this should be interesting. i am totally not expecting to get that job, but it will be nice to have interviewed for a non-graphics job.


ok, so i get a message today at 4:20, and it’s the lady from und. she says: “i’m sorry i was not able to reach you and i probably will be getting back to you on monday. i’d like to talk to you a little bit in person.”

ok, what does that mean???

good, and she wants to talk to me about the job offer, etc?


bad, and she just wants to thank me for my time and blah blah blah.

i’ve made a recording, so you can hear it. it’s an mp3.

now i have to wait til monday!!

wrong wrong wrong

so i feel very confident about this job, and i know i shouldn’t. i don’t know why, but i am very calm and at ease when i think about it. when i get a phone call saying i don’t get it, i don’t think i’ll be ecstatic, but i think i should be ok.

yesterday was gorgeous, so i went out and took some pics. it wasn’t as green out at the park as i thought it was going to be, but there were pretty little white flowers up, so i took some pics of them. then nate and i went to go see jane, which was an adventure. i realized on the way home i got more sun than i thought i did and my shoulders are red. haha! first sunburn of the season.

i have been thinking about packing, and priced a rental moving truck already. i know i’m getting ahead of the game, but it’s ncie to dream, eh? and liz, you will have to come visit me in grand forks if i move there. why? i’ll tell you why. they have a GOLDEN CORRAL!!!

worky work

so what has me most excited about the possibility of getting a at UND (and believe me, it is NOT the landscape), is the fact the UND offers a PhD in english. one of the benefits of working there is the ability to take 3 classes per calendar year tuition free. that would mean it would take me up to 7 years to complete it (maybe i’d pay for classes myself too), but i would have a phd in english. and i’d finally be an english major!

here is the website of the dept. i’m interviewing with

take a look at the work samples page to get an idea of what this place puts out. i can do that. yes i can. kate i am. i like green eggs and ham.

earth day is coming!!! along iwth a copy of my column that ran in the newsleaders this week!! ๐Ÿ˜€

there i am in print. kind of a bastardized version of what i wrote, but you will get to see it in its full glory on sunday.


i have an interview at UND for a graphic design position. i need samples of vector artwork, which is basically illustration done on a computer. thing is, i am not a highly creative person. so, any ideas as to what i can “draw” for a vector sample?? i was thinking something earthy, like with a tree in it, but i am open to any and all suggestions!

yeah yeah yeah

i got a call today from linda from the order of st. benedict regarding my resume!! i assume she wants to set up a time to interview. i will gladly accept that offer.


job description:
St. Benedict’s Monastery, St. Joseph, MN has an excellent opportunity for a FT Communications Specialist. Responsibilities includes assisting with internal/external communications, graphic design, publication design/format, writing/editing, media relations, research, web site support, photography, and database backup.

Qualified candidates will have a BS/BA Degree in related field + 2 years experience, demonstrated proficiency in areas of job responsibilities, & competence in Microsoft Office with preferred exp. in Raiser’s Edge & InDesign. We offer a positive work environment with competitive pay and benefits.

i have no clue what Raiser’s Edge is, but if it’s something graphically related, i think i’ll be fine.


i’ve decided to accept the job that i probably won’t have very long ๐Ÿ™‚ i am so sick of working overnights and hauling boxes and stocking shelves all night. at the end of the night, my feet are numb!

which spurred my and nate’s late-night decision to go to walmart and buy a wii. (coincidentally, my credit card company decided to raise my limit hugely, so i used that to buy it.) so nate is (supposedly) quitting WoW in march, after he bought the dumb expansion pack. also, he decided to buy guitar hero, so if anyone wants to have a video game haven, i guess my house is it. *sigh* wii, DDR, guitar hero, etc etc etc.

and in other good news, i AM getting a tax return this year! i was kind of worried that i wouldn’t because of all the freelance stuff i did, but we’re getting back a decent amount, with which i will pay back my parents and pay off one of nate’s school loans to free up $50/month. and i even get a decent rental property tax return! woohoo!! now, all i need is an AWESOME job (not just a job to hold me over) and to get out of this dump, and all will be good!

the job front

i have an interview tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. at merrill for a prepress position. i’m not sure how that will go, but we’ll see. might be an interim job til i find something better.

i also have a second interview at SPX in owatonna for a communications assistant manager thingy whatever. sounds like a not so great job, but it would be somehting. i’m preparing my cover letter to send to SCSU and i am having a heckuva time getting it together. i’m not sure what i should say and how i should say stuff. i hate writing cover letters!

meanwhile, target is there. not much to write home about that job. it’s monotonous busy-work. people need to quit buying so much crap!!

oh, and here’s a piece of advice. grocery shop at target. i’m not kidding. food is CHEAP there. i suppose it’s cheap at walmart too, but seriously, i found a thing for like $2 cheaper at target, and milk is about 40ยข cheaper, etc. etc. so, that’s my advice for the day. ๐Ÿ™‚


i haven’t heard yet on the SD job, but it’s wednesday, and it’s kind of apparent that they would’ve gotten ahold of me sooner.

it’s getting to be not a matter of “oh the right one just hasn’t come along” but a matter of “what is wrong with ME?” having been to 15 interviews in a year, not to mention the at least 200 resumes i’ve sent, and getting rejected for each and every one of them is really wearing on my self esteem and worth. obviously i am not good enough somehow and that hurts and it is discouraging and tiring. it makes me not want to look for work at all and give up.

i’m so tired of this.

{sorry my posts lately have been so depressing.}