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Day: October 21, 2006

stolen! (from nikki)

stolen! (from nikki)

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next two manic weeks

next two manic weeks

i got my final exam paper topics on monday. i have books and stuff for one of the three questions. i have to finish all three papers in the next three days.
of course, everything i could have possibly scheduled is scheduled in the next two weeks. next weekend is flogging molly. my tuesdays are absolutely full to the gills. next monday (not this monday), when the papers are due, i have an interview in white bear lake. today i drove to marshall for a secret shopper (worth $100!!!), and that took all day. so, in the next three days, i must find 30+ sources and write 18-24 pages of crapola.
YAY! (/sarcasm)
the end is in sight….i can see it. 🙂

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