i was stupid today and didn’t wear my winter jacket. it’s been awful all day, and i’m about to curse this state and move to arizona.

i hate being cold.

topic one (courtesy of tonto): “write about…..terrorists….. not islamic wacko’s, but, american terrorists, the people who spread terror by being scared… who’ve let 9/11 change thier lives,”

i rant about this every 9/11 anniversary, and i’m glad i’m not the only who thinks this. not only patriotic scardies, but fundie religious scardies. doomsday predictors are all over the place, myself one of them sometimes. (have you seen the stats? mayan end of time, st. malachy prediction, and a possible asteroid in earth’s path, all around the year 2012? but enough of my mayhem-causing, onward.)

but this is crazy. people who have let 9/11 change their lives and are scared to go out and overseas have already let the terrorists win. that’s what they want, people! anything that limits americans’ freedoms have basically said, “ok, we’re going to roll over and let the terrorists give it to us.” patriot act being one of them (in my opinion).

FREEDOM OF SPEECH is the main tenet of the united states. without this, our country is no better than china or iraq where they limit the communication that goes on inside the country. FREEDOM OF SPEECH is what this country is built on. and when people are afraid to look up terrorism on google or buy a copy of “Catcher in the Rye” from the bookstore for fear of being put on a government list, then this country has some issues to sort out. kudos to those people who are not afraid and do things as they did pre-attacks, without care of being on a government watch list. they are the true heroes.

“dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” – thomas jefferson