thought for the day

there are a lot of international students in my classes this semester. seriously, i am one of about 5 white people in both my classes of 20. all of these students have difficulty with the english language, some worse than others. they apologize for their accents and make sure we can understand them (can you imagine being from india and having to listen to people from china talk in stilted english? oy).

now, what i would like to know is if teachers take this language deficiency into account when grading papers, or if they grade the papers like they were grading a paper written by me. do international students get a “handicap” so to speak on their papers?

now that thought of the day is done, hear this!

i need ideas. tell me to write about something. it can be anything. ask me to write aboutmy view outside my window, what i remember from age 7, my cat’s breath, whatever! i need some inspiration.


know what i hate most about Wow?

“are you done yet?”


three hours later….

“are you done yet?”


(watch tv, look at the cat, brush teeth, go to sleep)

2 a.m….

“i’m done!”