another explanation

this one is more related to what’s going on!

TORNADOS : Hurricanes can be symbolic of extreme stress in your life and an inability to relax. The skies in dreams generally link to the future and the possibility of change. So if they are disturbed then there is no clear outlook for how things will be. But tornados may symbolise lots of things. They may link to bad things that are about to happen and problems that you are anticipating. [KEY WORDS : Uncertain, unforeseen,changes, weather forecast, stress]

seeing’s how in 2 months i have NO IDEA what’s going on, jobwise, this might be it!


i just woke up from a nap and another tornado dream.

i have a LOT of dreams about tornadoes. they are always close, always deadly looking. another thing about them is that i am ALWAYS with immediate family doing family things. i have never had one with nate in it or friends. if other people are in the dream, they all leave by the time the tornado comes around. and the tornado never gets me or anyone else i know in the dream.

one time it was in the red house (austin house) with my family, even though we hadn’t lived there in a long time. another couple times it was in the new london house, and one of them the tornado went right past the living room window! scary! always with something intrinsically familial and familiar.

the one i just woke up from we were camping, of all things, but we were all discombobulated. it was me, jane, charlie and dad, and we set up our tents, but they were about 20 miles from the city we were visiting. liz was in indiana, and mom was coming the next day because she was working, erous “storms” that one needs to shelter oneself from. Does this make sense?

Because the dream started when you were very young – you may also want to think back to the age when they began – and try to recall what was occurring in your family life and childhood at the time. If you grew up in an insecure environment, you may have feared that you would be “swept away” from your family – or conversely – that one of your family members would be swept away from you.”

both those emotions i have never felt with my immediate family, so i don’t know how to interpret them.