topic two

courtesy of woo!
“Write about crappy families that dont go see their mom when shes having surgury :(“

my mom’s and my dad’s sides of their families are like two flip-sides of a coin. one is like this, and the other is the complete opposite.

when my uncle squire was dying (who is my dad’s brother), my immediate family went down to rochester to spend the last few days with him. when we arrived at the hospital and for the next two days, we did not see ANY of our cousins, only my one aunt and uncle (the other aunt has parkinson’s and seriously couldn’t have made the half-hour trip). we spent the majority of our time at the hospital, and no one showed up!

i had to go back to st cloud, but the rest of my family stayed, and on the day he died, i guess a couple of my cousins and their kids showed up, but not all of them. my uncle had no wife, no kids, so we were the only family he had. some of them couldn’t even be bothered to show up, call, or do anything? i don’t understand why, but then, i don’t underss pretty much a closed book. they don’t tell people a lot of things, they’re pretty closed-mouthed about their emotions and personal issues. while my mom’s side lets it all hang out.

all this to say, people who don’t visit loved ones who are sick, or at least send a card or flowers if they’re far away, suck!