a lite interlude

a lite interlude

let’s talk about some things that are pulling all through this tumultuous time right now! well, me at least. you take these tips and run with them, if you’d like. or tell me to stuff it because these suck! your call.

  1. fluffy slippers. i was looking at a pair of fur-lined birkenstock slides to get me through the winter because i LOVE my other birks but they have a toe thing, and there isn’t much better than pulling off your work socks at the end of the day and then putting on a fluffy pair of thick socks for the cold evening. so i needed a sock friendly slipper! instead of doling out $100 for a pair of furry birks, i spent $25 on a knockoff, and oh boy are they nice! supportive cork base, furry insides, and a sandal top. perfect for socked OR bare feet.
  2. lighting a candle for yoga. i have a candle on the floor while i do yoga, and it really sets the mood! i have rather ambient light in my living room anyway, and to add a candle on top of that just makes it so nice and cozy. and then when my fireplace goes off? woo!
  3. weekly tv shows. the mandalorian and great british baking show release new episodes weekly, which is FANTASTIC and i missed the anticipation of waiting for a new episode of a tv show and the joy of seeing OH BOY look at that new episode up there!
  4. instagram is a nice social break that can be nonpolitical. i do follow people who CAN be political, but it is more than possible to follow people there who will just post pics of their food or plants or weird japanese creations or makeup or home improvement or tequila and lifting or whatever you could ever imagine. some people i am enjoying looking at IG right now are martha stewart, the splendid table, greg nohner, my tattoo artist, explore minnesota, seed savers, a bunch of cats, national geographic photographers, etc.
  5. new phones! i know my dad just got a rockin new flip phone, and this morning i preordered the iphone MINI! i’m excited because the camera will be good and the size will be small! it should be here nov. 13. i don’t know if a new phone is in your future, but it’s the small things. or the expensive small things, at least. (yikes.)

and now that the light’s basically gone forever, i’m pulling out some oldies but goodies: puzzles are coming out this weekend and i’ve alreayd made a crapton of bread that’s hanging out in the freezer.

so! let’s hear what YOU are doing to pass the time delightfully during the pandemic! or while you’re waiting for election results. or while you’re waiting for 2020 to die a slow death. whichever version of funk that you may have!

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