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Day: November 1, 2020

welcome, kablamo!

welcome, kablamo!

it’s november, and that can mean only one thing! it’s time for KABLPOMO aka !!KABLAMO!!

the past couple years, i planned out the month’s posts, but this year i just didn’t because november kind of snuck up on me. thanks pandemic! i should have saved all my yoga mat reviews until november, but alas.

so, i guess i’ll do a bulletpoint sunday funday for you.

  1. nate and i went to rochester/st charles this past weekend to celebrate charlie’s 5th cheatin’ the reaper versary. i got us a hotel friday night, got sushi from ichi tokyo, then went to my parents on saturday for pizza and celebratory cake. on the way home, we swung by jenee’s mazeppa home and saw her halloween extravaganza, which  was actually pretty amazing.
  2. CURSE YOU AXIAL TILT regular time is upon us! it’s supposed to be great running weather this week, and i’ll be at work til the sun is set and the dark is just suddenly upon us. whomp. i may just go to the lake wobegon trail and take my headlamp to get my miles in outside.
  3. because the transition to treadmill this fall has been TREACHEROUS. something is totally off on my left-side gait, because my IT band is hating on me. i have to make sure to stretch out my hip after every run and roll the crap out of it because it makes my knee wonky, then my calf, then my upper ankle. thanks, body and time, for reminding me how annoying it is to maintain as the years roll by.
  4. but the good news is that i took tomorrow (monday) off and i’m going to try to get an outdoor run in during daylight hours. i may also put up my christmas lights while it’ll be warm out, because putting them up when it’s 40º is no fun.
  5. i have one more yoga mat to review, but that will probably be tomorrow. but, i have one yoga related item to address: i took off my rings for yoga last week and forgot to put them back on. the next morning, three of four were on the ground below the coffee table, but the fourth is lost to the ether of my living room corners and dustbunnies. of course it’s the diamond. so i was at kohl’s today to do an amazon return, and i stopped by the jewelry section. i found a temporary left-hand set until i either 1) find the ring or 2) decide to actually just replace it. it was a $50 sterling silver/cubic zirconia set that actually doesn’t look that bad. and it was on sale AND i had a coupon, so it cost $16. not too shabby.

i’m drinking an amaretto sour out of my custer state park buffalo glass. classy stuff, here!

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