oh no i’ve already lost

oh no i’ve already lost

well, a blog post every day of november is off the table now. i was just so productive yesterday! thanks, election results, for kicking me in the butt to get stuff done!

  1. nate and i put up the outdoor christmas lights. it was warm out, which is a huge plus when putting up the lights. i’m always scared the stupid ladder’s going to slip on cold concrete while i’m up at the peak of the garage. plus nate was holding on to the ladder, so that adds an element of ease. so the lights are up! i still have two strings i could do something with – we’ll see what that could be!
  2. after the lights were up, i came in to find a text message from my coworker, an IT dude who should be retired, who is a reagan republican turned democrat (he voted for obama, GW once, etc. and now he’s full blown dem – we have a lot of fun at work) with the updated election results. i spent the next hour or so feeling a sense of relief that the next four years won’t be spend in fear of dying in nuclear war. and found a GREAT video that i will try to find a youtube of (it was on instagram).
  3. i was all keyed up! wanted to do something with the mask on. called jane to see if she was up for a socially distanced MOA visit that evening, and she was! but first….
  4. a run for two miles. two very sloggish miles, but two miles. outside! it may have been the last outdoor run of the season, and i wish it would’ve been better. but i can’t win them all.
  5. headed down to the moa and met jane’s BF, had a couple drinks, wandered around the mall, etc. overall, the mask usage in the mall was pretty good! there were only a couple times i saw some weirdos without masks, and i stayed far away from them.
  6. came home and played a game with the fam via zoom!

that was saturday! i’m backdating this so it counts for saturday and will post something else for sunday later on.

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