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Day: November 11, 2020



last weekend, nate’s coworker came to work with a 102ยบ temperature. then on monday, she decided to get tested for covid. her husband was also getting test for covid (before the deciding to come to work thing).

nate has shown no symptoms, but i do know that he contracts sickness like my white pants contract cat hair. so if he WAS exposed, he will probably get covid. and he said his work idiot is one of those people who pulls down their mask to sneeze.


so, while nate has no symptoms and is waiting to hear, he is not getting tested yet. i told my coworker and my boss what was happening in the chance that he will need to get tested. and today, they decided to implement stricter stay at home rules, which means i have to stay home from my job where i mainly sit in the corner and do my work, even tho nate’s the one who was exposed and is waiting for a result.

meanwhile, nate is still going to work at his workplace where he interacts with a lot of people on a daily basis. in what world does this make sense?

my luck, her test will come back negative and i’ll have to just pack up my work computer and other junk and take it back tomorrow. (i work with a lot of large files on a work server, which is frustratingly slow when connecting via VPN or remote desktop, so i prefer to work at work.)

and while all this is happening, my coworker’s kid was exposed and needs to stay home from daycare for 14 days, and he needs to be watched! so now my coworker is basically out sick for two weeks. this was the very scenario that he was working from home to prevent ๐Ÿ˜‚

what a time to be alive.

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