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Day: November 2, 2020

yoga mat review take III

yoga mat review take III

ah, we come upon the close of the yoga mat reviews! to recap:

i compared the natural rubber version of three mats: bmat, manduka, and hugger mugger. each of these mats cost $70-95, so i’d expect something magical from them.

the hugger mugger came in the mail on friday, and i immediately unfurled it and threw it on the floor to compare to the bmat, the clear winner in bmat vs. manduka.

first impressions? i like the color/design of the HM better – but that’s purely aesthetic.

the bmat is once again the winner on the width on this one, too. that extra 2″ – you just can’t beat that!

the HM is almost as sticky as the bmat, and much stickier than the manduka. it’s also a little bit cushier than the manduka, but not quite as cushy as the bmat. this is probably due to the fact that the bmat is 6mm and the other mats i got in its price range were 4 and 5mm.

but the HM is thicker than the manduka, that’s for sure. but bmat wins thickness, and since i do yoga on a wooden floor, i’ll take the cushier mat. i know there are some yogis who would rather have a more solid experience, but i’ll take the extra help for the knees.

so one thing i noticed on this one is how the mats are constructed. i wish i had taken note of this when i had the manduka, as well, but alas. take a look at how thick the construction of the mat is.

i can see why the bmat is certainly a better experience on the feet!

so, there is my final yoga mat review. rankings of the high-end natural rubber yoga mats:

3. manduka eko
2. hugger mugger para
1. bmat strong

if you’re ready to drop some dollars on a decent, long-lasting yoga mat, i recommend the bmat strong.

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