May 10, 2014

ATK: double-chocolate cookies

well, it turns out i’m not going to make EVERY cookie in the america’s test kitchen cookbook; some of them contain DEVIL’S SYRUP. i’m not going to bend my boycott for you, ATK.
so i jumped ahead a couple recipes, and the next in line was the double chocolate cookie. this is an intense cookie. it calls for melted chocolate AND cocoa powder. if you wanted to be really intense, you could add some chocolate chips to it as well. not to mention it calls for instant coffee/espresso powder. o.O recipe
i didn’t have instant coffee OR espresso powder, so on recommendation from nate, i ground the heck out of some coffee we already had. it was dark chocolate truffle flavored as well, so i’m sure that added to the chocolateyness that was these cookies.
4 eggs in these cookies! that is a ton. the recipes calls to spread the coffee over the whisked eggs to let it dissolve, but i didn’t do that great of a job when spreading, so it just sort of sat there.
when everything was in, it looked a lot like brownie batter and had the consistency of brownie batter (except a wee bit thicker). i was all set to go, when i realized i hadn’t added the cocoa powder. and the batter looked and tasted completely fine. what the heck; more chocolate never hurt anyone. (except dogs. don’t feed your dogs chocolate.)
i seriously could’ve made brownies with this batter. it calls to roll it into balls, but to heck with that. i just scooped it onto the sheets with my cookie scoop. unfortunately, they looked like little turds.
these baked pretty quick – you can bake them two sheets at a time as well, as long as you rotate halfway through.
holy crap; these are delicious, but you seriously need something to cut them with – a huge glass of milk or bowl of ice cream will do the trick. using these to make ice cream or cream cheese frosting sandwiches would be a stellar idea.
all the other ATK cookies i’ve made i can scarf down one after another. these are 2 and done. i don’t know if i would necessarily make these again, but they are definitely a force to be reckoned with.
point: ATK (? maybe?)


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