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Day: May 19, 2014

ATK: ultimate oatmeal cookies

ATK: ultimate oatmeal cookies

NOTHING WEIRD. i was shocked.
this recipe calls for pecans, dried cherries, and chocolate chunks, BUT it says you can swap out the additions for other stuff, so i used pecans, craisins, and chocolate chips. i’m not a huge fan of nuts in my cookies, so i put in about half the amount it called for.

is toasting your pecans a weird thing? i don't think so.
is toasting your pecans a weird thing? i don’t think so.

i am always a fan of oatmeal anything (except oatmeal raisin cookies, because they are SO DECEIVING!), so i skipped over the peanut butter cookies and went straight to oatmeal. maybe i’ll come back to peanut butter cookies.
recipe called for it to make 16 cookies, and i got about 20 out of the dough. ATK calls for ginormous serving sizes. those cookies would’ve been the size of my head! there are a couple i made that ARE the size of my head!
these are pretty darn good cookies. i always have a tough time finding a decent oatmeal-chocolate recipe, so i’ll give the point to ATK.

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