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Day: May 17, 2014

signs of spring!

signs of spring!

when it’s warm enough to get outside, it’s time to get outside and do stuff. this is one of the reasons i love may (along with the greening of everything). it’s tied with october as my favorite month!
since it’s new house time, this means it’s time to get everything in order again outside. *sigh* but this is good – it gives me a reason to get outside.
yesterday my dad came over and we put together the garden beds in the backyard. after nate balked at how much dirt we would actually need, i poked around town and found a guy who delivers dirt. $100 for 5 cubic yards of dirt (that’s a lot of dirt). compared to the $280 at the first place i called, i say that’s a steal.
today the dirt showed up, but first i stained/sealed the post on the front stoop. it was a gross blond wood color and needed something.

the backside is stained; the right side is not.
the backside is stained; the right side is not.

after the dirt showed up, nate and i spent probably a couple hours getting some dirt back there. we still aren’t done; i figure another 25 wheelbarrows before the bare minimum is done.
the dirt. omg.

then i decided to try to get the rain barrel done. it was surprisingly easy.
finally, i screwed in the basket hook on the front post so i have a place for both my fuschias.

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