ATK: chocolate chips

ATK: chocolate chips

i knew this would be the real test. and it’s pretty darn close. america’s test kitchen classic chocolate chip cookies are really good, a very close second to my family recipe, but i’m not giving up my recipe.
the recipe seems pretty innocuous – basic CCcookie ingredients. i’ve never added just an egg yolk to a CCC recipe, but i’ll go with it.
as with the brown sugar cookie, this one called for browning the butter.
you know it’s ready when it stops steaming and the froth is gone from the top. this pan of melted butter is good to go.
reading directions, blending dry goods, etc., etc., then OOOH – there it is. the weird thing.
whisk sugar and butter for 30 seconds, then let rest for 3 minutes. repeat 3 times. what?? the only think i can think of that this accomplishes is it cools off the butter and lets the wet ingredients cream a little better.
16 oz. of vanilla from penzey’s. no messing around with vanilla this time.
i love CCCs because all you have to do is scoop them up and put them on the cookie sheet. no rolling, dipping in sugar, all that jazz. the recipe called for this to make only 16 cookies – that’s huge!! instead i made normal sized cookies.
i have to admit: if i didn’t have my own recipe already, i would make these cookies (with maybe less chocochips – there were a lot).
point: it’s a tie.
ATK:1; kate: 2; draw: 1
next up: chocolate cookies.

2 thoughts on “ATK: chocolate chips

    1. there’s something about the salt and chewy factor that makes it awesome. here’s the recipe:
      sift: 2 c flour
      1 tsp soda
      1/2 tsp salt
      cream: 3/4 c. of crisco and/or butter. i have used both, and generally do 1/2 c butter, 1/4 c crisco (now lard!)
      1 c. brown sugar
      1/4 c. granulated sugar
      add: 1 egg
      1-1/2 tsp vanilla
      mix dry into wet ingredients and add the amt. of chocolate chips you want
      375 for 9-12 mins
      this is EASILY doubled.

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