the flip side: southeast mn – a blooming romance?

the flip side: southeast mn – a blooming romance?

my mom and i complain about rochester a lot. i know. it’s bad. i’m sorry. i’m trying; really, i am. so here are some things about southeastern minnesota (and yes, rochester) that i do like and hope to get more into as the summer progresses now that i’m in a house and not cramped.
1. OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE. bring on the cheese fries. the one in st cloud closed over the recession, and it made me sad.
2. trader joe’s! i really like it. i also like the food co-op in rochester and get my bulk foods there. i did go to the roch farmer’s market last summer, and i am going to try out the st. charles market this summer to see if it’s decent.
3. i am really excited to spend some time at whitewater state park this summer.
4. bike trail! going to try to get down to lanesboro, preston, houston, rushford area for some biking and snooping around in antique shops.
5. i like my job! 🙂
6. i like my house!
7. fireflies. for realz. there are no fireflies up in central mn.
8. the pastures and windy little creeks and little snuggy rock hidey-holes all over the countryside. you’ll be driving along and glance out in a pasture, and there’s a little hole through a hummock out in the pasture with a stone arch holding it open.
9. the bluffs and hills, and the drives are nicer with scenery (at least when you’re in the valleys). the farmland, however, is not that scenic.
10. i can’t think of a 10th. nate and i have sat here and couldn’t think of one thing that rochester has that st. cloud has as well. you let me know!

2 thoughts on “the flip side: southeast mn – a blooming romance?

    1. water fountains – munsinger gardens
      corn cob water tower – waite park smiley face water tower, sauk rapids balloon water tower
      kwik trip – holiday stations
      plummer house – pantown houses and palmer house in sauk centre
      🙁 i did think about putting in downtown, but it is SO BUSY, that i almost prefer st cloud’s.

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