the element of dark

the element of dark

tumblr_mhiyp0fzYr1qee12to1_1280my mom wonders why i have such a fascination with krampus. same thing with the spooky side of halloween.
first – krampus. i first learned of krampus from a classmate in my judeo-christian class at st. ben’s. on st. nicholas day, her parents would rattle the furnace, throw rocks at the windows, and generally do a bunch of spooky stuff. she had a little brother who was prime age for this, so she was looking forward to helping out this year. (she also had a tattoo of a teddy bear on the top of her thigh, which i found intriguing, but has nothing to do with the story.)
how can you appreciate the good if you don’t see the dark? it can’t be puppies and unicorn farts 24/7 – life’s not like that. if it were just santa claus, what’s the worst that happens to bad boys and girls? they get coal? no presents? big whoop – just like every other day of the year (and for people pre-electricity, coal was probably a good present!). by utilizing the dark, there is a worse outcome than just no presents – krampus will come and kidnap you away!
think of all the disney-fied fairy tales. now think of their origins. the originals were a lot more dark than what disney has perpetuated. those medieval peeps knew what they were doing. cinderella’s stepsisters, in the originals, got their eyes pecked out by birds afterward for being so evil. compare that to the disney version, where they just ended up not marrying the prince. sometimes being evil and mean has consequences! a dark element in a story gives the good in a story that much more meaning.
you have to wonder if we coddle ourselves too much these days.

2 thoughts on “the element of dark

  1. “the originals were a lot more dar than what…”
    my brain hurts.
    but i agree! you have to have the dark so you know to appreciate the unicorn farts in life. 😀

    1. at first i thought i forgot the K. but the K is there. so then i think maybe you are annoyed that i just didn’t use darker. which,if that is the case, i almost did. but i like more dark better to describe that.

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