i moved my blog to it was painless when done correctly, but still took a lot of time.

so, update your bookmarked links and RSS feeds! i do have a redirect on, and i’ll keep it up for a while, so no frets about losing it yet.



no question bill. BLOG.

it’s that time of year again! KABLPOMO will commence in four – count ’em – FOUR days. (for the uninitiated, KAte’s BLog POsting MOnth is me attempting to blog every day for the month of november, to coincide with nanowrimo.)

i’m not gonna lie – the first week or so may be inundated with pictures of my new house and unpacking process, after which i might be able to settle down into pure KABLPOMO-ness.

what to expect from this year’s KABLPOMO?
more pinter-tests, real-life experiments on things i find on pinterest. more pictures, especially of the new house, my cats, and food i make. hopefully some meaningful content such as reminisces, social commentary, and updates on devil’s syrup.

at the same time, due to nanowrimo, i will be trying to work more on my DS book, so there might be some excerpts from that and more insights. plus, i may just hit a milestone weight, at which time i will be sending out a big blog post.

now. on to some more business.
my long-time readers may have realized that next year marks my 10th year of blogging. as such, i am going to attempt to do KABLPOYE next year to mark the anniversary. yes, i will attempt to blog EVERY SINGLE DAY in 2014. this will require some prep work in december, and there will probably be a lot of days where it will be photos only, but ultimately this will be a good thing. i will also be moving to plain old so it’s easier for you to find.

so, come for KABLPOMO, and stay (or come back) for KABLPOYE 2014. your voyeuristic creeper side will be completely satisfied.


so when do you party? did you do it this weekend? or is it next weekend? both? i don’t have any friends, so i didn’t get invited to any party. πŸ™


30 years

i read this on reddit today:

“If they started making a remake ofΒ Back to the FutureΒ today, it would probably be ready for release in 2015 — which means that when the new Marty McFly went back in time, he’d go back to 1985, the year the original movie was released.”

marty went back to 1955 (30 years before 1985). is it just me, or does the difference between 1955 and 1985 seem light years different than the difference between 1985 and today? does the fact that the technology had boomed, civil rights were achieved, and women’s equality was becoming a thing, make 1955 a dinosaur compared to 1985?

but dang – no hoverboard.




should i make my blog my main webpage? so will take you to this page? i would still have my portfolio, just my main page would be at a different address. might be helpful for KABLPOMO.

finally paying off?

i’m creating my first “real” marketing plan -ish thing. it’s a social media strategy and forecast for the college, but it’s the first time i’ve done something like this in real life versus in class. my classes are finally paying off?

i don’t mind it so far! it’s like a research paper, but with a lot of unknowns. that’s all! thought i’d share!

go go home loan!

so the government is open, which means my home loan can now be processed! woo! i’m just hoping they aren’t so backlogged that we need to push the closing date back. i guess we’ll just play it by ear.

this round of home buying seems to be a little more labor-intensive on my part. it makes me realize that my previous realtor was a really good realtor for buying a house. she paid for the home inspection (which we didn’t have this time around because it was a new house), she called all the utilities and had them connect us (which my current realtor made sure to point out that i had to do this), and she touched base with me all the time (seems like my realtor is MIA sometimes, especially worrisome during this shutdown fiasco).

on top of that, because my insurance agent is still up in st cloud, i have to do some legwork for them as well. i have to go out and take pictures of the house to send in with the insurance application. might be time to switch to someone down here, especially since my original insurance dude quit πŸ™

as it is now, in two weeks nate and i will be closing on our house. hope that continues to be the plan!

my future downtown

my future downtown


so it begins…the season where i am always cold. i’m assuming my new house will have the plumbing hooked up correctly and i will be able to have a hot bath without having to run up the water heater temp.

speaking of my new house, i’m really hoping the government opens in the next couple days so nate and i can get our home loan. that’d be awesome. supposedly there’s supposed to be a passage of something today yet, but i’m not holding my breath. i don’t know what we’ll do if the shutdown holds out into november.

and speaking of november (don’t you love my segues?), KABLPOMO is fast approaching. get ready!


five stars; would attend again

zombie pub crawl was pretty awesome, despite being sober! i’d imagine it’d be more fun if i’d been slightly buzzed! i loved my costume, and had a lot of comments on it! the first guy who said anything actually had a leg tattoo of bruce! woo! only met one other guy dressed as ash the whole night.


1393130_10100702283760071_904736091_n 1381607_10100702283894801_1937520462_n

one thing i would add: more dirt and blood to my clothes and face. i would also make sure to bone up on more quotes besides “groovy” and “give me some sugar baby”. Β i’m impressed no one stole my gun, even though quite a few people started to take it out of its holster (i guess to see if it was real?). i’m also impressed i kept my trusty chainsaw that I got from on my hand for most of the night. i thought i would get sick of it and stick it back by my gun, but it wasn’t that much of a pain. i’m glad i went with a mirror image though so i could have my right hand free.

lots of zombies. lots of ornery people. lots of drunk people. i found waldo. a few zombie slayers (like me! haha!). next time we would start at the other end and get there earlier so we could see the actual festivities.

definitely recommend!