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Day: November 5, 2013

kablpomo's pintertests

kablpomo's pintertests

once i actually get into my house, i’ll be able to do some pintertests. these are things i find on pinterest that i want to try out, and i report my findings here. there are always some duds with these, but then there are real winners (cheesy buns, anyone?? *drool*).
this year, i want to try a few things if i have the time.

  1. homemade microderm abrasion
    baked alaska
  2. deep pore cleaner (i obviously have a hangup on my skin)
  3. hair repair (will it make my greys go away? haha)
  4. a couple crapfts with tin cans, mason jars, and cookie cutters as ornaments
  5. jalapeƱo poppers suggested by nikki
  6. candles with cinnamon sticks tied around them
  7. shaped bokeh
  8. pumpkin fondue
  9. cheesy bacon-wrapped hot dog
  10. BAKED ALASKA????

if you want to view all my pintertests, you can check them out on my kablpomo pinterest board.

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