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Day: November 12, 2013

yay internet!

yay internet!

today the cable guy came over and got the internet working! woo! what does this mean? this means i’m writing this post on my laptop! maybe tomorrow i’ll have my imac setup and i can actually use a decent keyboard. what a concept.
anyway, update on the house: we are still squatting. i got an email today from the loan officer and she said she is 100% certain that we will have approval by friday, so the closing is scheduled for 9 am on friday. i am STILL nervous about this, though, even though i’ve gotten multiple reassurances from my loan lady. i will be one sad sucker if i have to pack everything up.
also got a message from my landlord, and it sounds like he found a renter for december, which means some extra moola in my pocket for that month. pretty handy for christmas. or just more presents for me…haha!

Big pile of the money
awesome stock photo with watermark through it!

i went through the crap left in the garage, and i have minimal boxes left to unpack, mostly books and dvds. i just need to set up my bookshelves, and those should be easy to unpack. then some stuff that needs to go in the basement for storage, break down the boxes, and hopefully my car can get in the garage by the time snow flies.
i feel like this kablpomo’s posts have been inundated by houseblog. boo. i need something substantial on here!

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