house on hold – a houseblog update. (or, grrrr)

house on hold – a houseblog update. (or, grrrr)

i have been living around boxes for a month now. after packing for moving last weekend, this week i had to root through boxes to find clothes to wear to work. let’s just say the week-long delay has not been fun.
then, i got a call from my realtor today saying that they STILL hadn’t gotten the RD loan approval yet. my loan officer had sent in three RD loans at the same time and has gotten then other two back while nate’s and my loan is still waiting. unfortunately, RD offices aren’t accepting inquiry calls (of course), so she can’t call to figure out what’s going on.
this was seriously like deja vu all over again; last year we had the same problem trying to get into our apartment. what is wrong with my karma??
i had a truck lined up, my days off (again), and assumed everything was well because i hadn’t heard anything monday or tuesday. arrrgggh!!
after a convo with the loan lady, and given a date of NO LATER than three more days, she said, well, this is ridiculous. she contacted our realtor to see if we could get in tomorrow anyway, since the house is vacant. after waiting about 45 minutes, i got a call back from the realtor, telling us the builder said yes, we can move in as long as we assume responsibility if anything happens between tomorrow and when we actually close. (and transfer all utilities over to our name.)
so, we’re on for tomorrow again. ready to move! tonight i packed up some more stuff, and there’s still a ton of stuff that needs to be packed up. i have more stuff than i thought.
(ps – tomorrow i will be posting from my phone, unless i can get over to my mom’s house to use her internet. internet comes on tuesday – ugh, what a wait!


[see – i closed my parenthesis!]

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