my first email

my first email

apparently i’ve run the well dry on childhood memories and have skipped over HS to college memories. maybe i’ll revisit HS when something relevant comes up (which, something just did since i was looking at basketball photos today, but that can be tomorrow).
i didn’t grow up with the internet. pfft, i barely grew up with computers. we had apple lisas in my gradeschool library where we played number munchers and oregon trail, then tried to learn keyboarding somewhat (michael steihm excelled – he had a computer at home).
then in jr. high, we had 5 macintoshes in the back of our english class which we would occasionally use, mostly recreationally. enter high school and my first exposure to windows 3.x. we used them quite a bit, but no computer at home and still no internet. i remember in my junior and senior year, you could go to the principal’s office and use the one machine that had a modem hooked up. i know a couple people did, but i think it was mostly to look at college websites.
enter college. suddenly i had the internet at my fingertips. and email. and all this stuff. and no one i knew had internet! waah what is a suddenly immersed tech person to do?? well, the gal next to me looked at me and said she didn’t have anyone to email either. so we emailed each other.
and that’s how i met melissa.

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