i had my 6-month review on tuesday and now i’ve had 2 days to mull it over. hrrrrmmmm.
basically he said i need to take more initiative, speak up more, take the lead more. at one point i took his comments to tell me to stop smiling as much. good grief.
i hate leading crap when there is an obvious leader in the room. HATE it. but i can do it if worse comes to worse. and as i ruminated over his comments, i began to think that i was just annoyed with the fact that he wanted me to be less quiet and reserved. his words.
then i realized that i’m not annoyed at that. i’m annoyed because he has a problem with something is FUNDAMENTAL to who i am. quiet and reserved is a part of me – has been for 33 years, and since my life’s at least 1/3 over, i can say without much reservation that this won’t change, no matter how much he wants it to.
did he hire the wrong person? i don’t know. maybe. do i bring this up to him? if there’s one thing i’ve learned while working here the 7 months i have it’s that people do not expect you to stick around and loyalty is generally not that high. people bounce from position to position within the school quite a bit. maybe because ultimately you’re working for the state? i don’t know. either way, i think it would be within bounds to talk to him about this.

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  1. I think you should have a simple conversation with him that you are a thoughtful introverted, driven individual who can make a real difference. Tell him you will make an effort and ask if he can support you in this effort by giving examples of those times when leading would be the most beneficial. There is nothing more flattering to the boss than asking him/her to mentor you through this. Let him know that to the core you are introspective and that you would continue to do your best work this way, but would like to become more comfortable in a extroverted work environment.
    Flattery will get you a long way.
    Good Luck and I hope you think my advice is valuable….because I always give it.
    Love Meg

    1. 😉 funny, my mom pretty much said the same thing about the mentoring thing! you might be related or something…
      i’ve gone from anxious and annoyed to meh and resigned, which apparently is a genX thing (so says the mother).

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