i just finished reading “gone girl”.
i loved the story and the mystery, the writing, the twists, the occasional word i had to look up.it reminded me of reading “the time traveler’s wife” in that these were both books where i had to read every single word so i didn’t miss a thing. i want to know what’s happening in the next paragraph but i don’t want to skip this paragraph to read it! aahhh #firstworldnerdyreaderproblems
(that’s my definition of an engrossing book.)
but, reading this book made me realize how important an ending is to me when i read. my mom likes happy books; i like books that have a definite, resolute end to them. “gone girl” did not have that sort of end, and that’s the only reason i would knock a star off any sort of review. if you don’t mind a wandering, filmy sort of ending, then you will love this book. even with the wandering, filmy sort of ending i really liked this book.
*mutters something about the journey not the destination*

3 thoughts on “endings

  1. I also felt that way about the ending to Gone Girl. I loved the book. It was very entertaining and engrossing, and the characters were just crazy! The ending however left me wanting… I wanted to know what happened to them.

      1. *spoiler alert*
        we need a sequel. i need to know how much she screws up their offspring. i also wanted some sort of comeuppance for her parents who contributed to her craziness. bah.

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