aaaand it’s the beginning of the new year, where i make my “resolutions” that are more like, hey just do more of what you’re doing. right on. well, it’s nice to have them down, right?
1. take more pics. i say this every year. every year i can take more pics. i don’t think anyone can take too many pics.
2. run a real 10k. as in a chipped race. i’ve run 10k (and it wasn’t fun). but let’s get up to legitimate 10k. then we’ll talk half marathons. first i have to get running again. it’s been a month! icky!
3. make a housing plan. i’m already tired of renting. so are the cats
4. pay off some debt so the housing plan can get together! one plus of renting: cheap.
5. write in my blog every other day at least! that’s asking a lot of myself, i know. i can do every day in november, but to commit year-round is heavy. but i can only try.
ETA: 6. REDDIT LESS. good god, reddit less. ack.

One thought on “hark!

  1. I kind of miss the days of renting simply because it was less expensive. I got my house when I was working full-time and I think that makes a difference.
    Good resolutions.

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