check and check

check and check

well, my flowerbed is cleared out, tulips are pretty much done for the season, fuchsias purchased and hung, geraniums in a pot, tomatoes purchased and waiting, and vegetable beds cleared and fertilized.
now we wait to see if i plant.
but i don’t want to dwell on my anxiety levels. instead, i would like to point out that the weather is awesome! but it’s sooo windy, which blows (haha, pun intended) when i am trying to run.
i’ve settled on running a mile during the week mornings and focusing on increasing my speed and breathing levels, then on sunday evenings, i will run 3 miles at a leisurely pace. i think that’s not a bad plan.
tonight i’m attempting to make hotwings. i’ve never made them, and it should be relatively easy. i’ve already prepped with wings, and they were pretty easy to clip and cut apart. then i fry them, toss them with the sauce (i have a hot wing sauce from the store and a doctored up sauce that has more barbecue-y stuff in it), then bake them. blue cheese dressing is ready to go! i’ll take pics.

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  1. i like the running plan. it’s a good running plan. i’m still on week four of c25k. i am slowly building this up. :p

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