coincidence or inspiration?

there seem to be a lot of people on my facebook feed who are doing couch 2 5k or equivalent. does correlation equal causation? not sure…i know i inspired megan for sure, but other than that, maybe my age group has suddenly gotten health conscious?

i’m slowly but surely getting through nikki’s pics. i’m always so impressed with myself! especially since i’ve never done indoor photos before. some are a little harsh from the flash, but nothing a little p-shop can’t fix. makes me wonder if i should do more weddings — maybe if i had a wrangler. i need a loud cohort.

i love summertime. i love being able to sit outside comfortably. the birdsongs. the frogs in the pond. the sound of traffic. citronella. the smell of lake. freshly cut grass. even sweating i like. i love my deck! i’d prefer a rental with a deck, and hopefully nate’s and my next home (in the country with acreage) will have a deck (and if i’m lucky, a porch, too!). mmmm summer. i think i’ve come to the conclusion that every season but winter is awesome. they are equally awesome in what they best represent and i love them all. and i really hate winter.

one step

well, scotus decided the health care plan was acceptable pretty much as is (almost). the whole mandate thing was a stumbling block that pro-constitutionists (read: for their own purposes) were screaming about. oh, forefathers; how you crafted such a mesmerizing, confusing document to the american people, no one will know.




nikki’s wedding photos went well, i hope πŸ™‚ i’ve downloaded them and they are sitting on my computer, but i haven’t looked at them yet. i always do this. just let them sit for a bit before doing anything with them. i’m just nervous. even though i normally shouldn’t be. the only thing that i can think of that wouldn’t be good is maybe i got a littleΒ  flash happy. ah well.

work is going ok. kitties are ok. i miss nate πŸ™ already he’s talking about renting a cheapo place down here so we can just be down here instead of doing the long-distance thing. it’s only been two weeks, haha. here’s hoping the house sells.

i wish i had internet at the austin farmstead – i would blog a lot more!


i’ve been driving a lot. turns out my back doesn’t really like it. ah well.

5k finished!!! woohoo!! it rained, and liz and i almost didn’t want to run it, but by the time we got to the registration table, we were soaked through so it didn’t really matter anymore. i still don’t know my results, but my legs hurt more than they ever have in the past, so i either did really well or my not stretching out afterwards was a bad move. (i’m thinking the latter.)

nikki’s wedding is next weekend, so this weekend, in addition to the 5k, i went to her bachelorette party. pretty fun! it made me realize i’m getting too old for some stuff though πŸ™ Β ah well.

i’m home for 5-6 hours, then i have to turn around and head back to austin. i’m doing laundry, got my last paycheck from merrill, figured out my business taxes, then i’m going to go take a nap. my sleep Β schedule has been all over the map lately. time to smooth that out.

for a while

last post for a while. my computer and i will be apart – we’re taking a break. here’s a photo of strawberry shortcake i made yesterday to tide you over.

too long!

i really am slacking, which isn’t cool because i’ve had some time available.

i’m down 50 lbs, which is pretty cool, especially since it’s mostly been from running. another reason to keep doing something i really don’t like to do! ok, avoiding corn syrup helps too, i suppose, and i’ve been trying to refrain from eating after suppertime. but if there’s a cupcake available, i’ll eat it. i really should go out today, but it’s 80+ degrees out and a little windy. not sure if i’ll make it. maybe a mile.

my new job starts on monday! i’m so anxious i could power something with my anxiety right now. i know it’ll be fine and that everything will be awesome once i know my way around everything, but that transition is a killer. not to mention i’ll be commuting and seeing nate not much at all until this house gets sold. i’m feeling sad already. but the kitties are coming with me, so that will help a little.

nikki’s bachelorette party is next weekend, then her wedding is the weekend after that. i’m taking the pics and really bouncing back and forth between putting up an external flash ubrella and just doing an on-camera flash/diffuser. the on-camera will allow more freedom and flexibility, but the umbrella will be a little bit better light (i don’t think by much, but it will be a little better). i think my p-shop skills might compensate for the lack of umbrella, so i’m leaning toward on-camera. that’s what i did at branden’s wedding and that turned out fine.

anyone have any ideas for a unique bach. party photo i can do with the bride and bridesmaids? i’ve seen the mug shot one floating around, but i’m thinking something more…literary… hmmm… thinking cap must come out.

tonight’s my last get-together with coworkers from merrill πŸ™ it’ll be good but sad. i know i’ll miss some of them, and i’m hoping that when i’m up in the stc area i’ll get to see a couple. i saw newsleader coworkers last christmas, so there is hope πŸ˜‰

bday came and went. nate and i went to ciatti’s and i made my AWESOME chocolate cake again. NOMG. i also cleaned the carpets and painted that weekend as well. this selling the house thing is a pain in my rear. i wish someone would fall in love with it already! st. joseph is buried in my backyard, so i’m hoping he does his stuff pretty soon!