top ten places in MN i've eaten

if i’m going to do one thing this summer with my blog, it will be to counter every single “minnesota” list that’s really a “twin cities” list with a REAL minnesota list. this one, however, is limited to places in MN i’ve actually been, so i’m sorry if there’s an awesome place that i’ve missed because i haven’t been there. (especially sorry to duluth and other northern cities – i need to get up there more and EAT [i get up there, but it’s mostly for family events where food’s provided]! i’d love to get to pizza luce.)

1. for sushiichi tokyo in rochester is really good. there’s a reason i get the all you can eat option.

2. the best eggs benedict – EB is my go-to breakfast food. some places do it well; some places really suck; some places don’t even include the hollandaise!! the BEST EB i’ve had was at jerry’s other place in austin (now closed!!).

3. the best crumbly burger – speaking of austin, that’s the home to the best place to get a tendermaid, at the small, old-school tendermaid place with 20 seats around a bar counter.

4. muy buenoΒ fried ice cream – ok, so i KNOW that fargo is not in MN, but it is darn close, so we’ll call it ok. anyway, melissa and i would frequent paradiso, which had pretty darn good mexican food and fried ice cream.

5. the best lemon cream (supreme) piekay’s kitchen in st. joe, hands down. they also have awesome hashbrowns that i really miss.

6. the most mouth-droolingΒ tiramisuciatti’s in st. cloud is probably the best italian restaurant i’ve eaten at, and their tiramisu is to die for. yum-o.

7. the best chicken – ok, so rochester gets this one. chester’s has the best restaurant chicken i’ve had. they also have a killer chocolate cake. nomg.

8. best pizza (eat-in)bilotti’s in roch. it’s awesome. love the crust and overzealous cheese.

8.5. best pizza (delivery, pick-up)jimmy’s pizza, new london, cold spring, st. charles. you can’t beat jimmy’s on a friday night!

9. best bloody mary – i’ve been on a search for the perfect bloody mary ever since drinking my first one. i’ve drank a lot of bloody marys at a lot of places. the best one i’ve ever had is at o’neil’s pub in spicer. nothing even holds a candle.

10. so you just want aΒ burger and fries – i think this is going to be my only big-time chain restaurant recommendation. while i would definitely recommend ANY greasy spoon burger and fries, given a choice, i would go to five guys’ burgers and fries. the only thing that could beat that at this point MIGHT be in-n-out, but that requires some travel.

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