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Day: June 4, 2014



however uncouth it is - yum.
however uncouth it is – yum.

i’m not a huge drinker, and i generally like my beers to go down easy – none of this heavy stout stuff for me. lately i’d been getting bud light lime because it’s tasty and light. i knoooooww that i really need to branch out in my beer habits, especially since it’s made from, you know, CORN. i assumed it was GM corn, and when my sister liz shared this link, my assumptions were confirmed. on top of that, who knew that some beers have DEVILS SYRUP in them??
the bad

  1. budweiser
  2. coors
  3. corona
  4. michelob
  5. miller/light
  6. newcastle
  7. pbr
  8. red stripe

sigh. well, i’d been leaning more toward ciders lately anyway, a local one called ciderboys and also angry orchard, which is made by samuel adams.
it might be time to move to wheat beers, which wouldn’t be bad. i do like shocktop, and summit makes/made an organic beer i wouldn’t mind trying. unfortunately, for a person who likes to drink swill, the organic/local brewers don’t really brew swill.