summertime 10

a repost from 2009

1. Days so hot you can’t imagine there being a time when you wore a coat

2. Making an entire meal on the grill

3. The smell of lake

4.  Festivals where you can buy mini-doughnuts and corndogs

5. Watching things you planted grow

6. Sun-brewed iced tea

7. Farmers’ markets

8.  Frogs croaking and crickets chirping in the evening while sitting on the patio/deck

9.  Rolled-down windows

10.  Smelling fresh-cut grass while walking though it barefoot

four years baby!

another post because why not. i completely blew my fourth anniversary of being (mostly) corn syrup free. i don’t think i’ve completely converted anyone i know, but a lot more people are aware. that’s all i can ask! 

an excerpt from the last chapter of my DS book, that i’m so close to being able to print out and have people look at for more ideas.

So what about devil’s syrup? One thing I’ve noticed is that more and more food producers are leaving it out and using sugar.

Every time I go to the grocery store is an almost-adventure. What will be changed now? A couple years ago I noticed that M&Ms had HFCS listed on their ingredients’ list. I did some research and the only thing I can figure is there had to have been a governmental policy that had let manufacturers choose not to list ingredients that comprised less than two percent of the food. Someone threw out the rule, and now every ingredient must be listed, so now I know the truth behind M&Ms. (Unfortunately, I had already purchased a huge bag for monster cookies. Chalk that up to not paying attention.)

Last summer was pivotal when I went to buy some low-fat graham crackers and saw a note on the regular, full-fat box that said “Now HFCS-free!” Of course my cynical mind said, yep, and instead they’re using regular corn syrup.  I was more than pleasantly surprised when I scanned the ingredients and saw sugar in white caps. I still had to make my own marshmallows for the smores I was going to be roasting over a campfire, but chalk one more item up in the DS-free column.

Subway recently changed their bread recipes, so all the bread they use is now DS free. If I’d like to have a wheat-bread sandwich, I can now eat it with ease of mind. They also got rid of an ingredient in their bread that’s used to make yoga mats, but that’s another story.

weekend projects continued…

so let’s see…

i painted my front door red. the front flowerbed box has been assembled and filled with dirt. hopefully the rain staves off long enough tomorrow for me to plant some flowers in it. pic will follow if there is no rain.

ALL VEGETABLES have been planted. i’m crossing my fingers that my tomatoes do something. if i don’t see any progress in two weeks, i’ll go to walmart closeout and buy their leftover tomato plants.


i made lemon macaron yesterday, and they are DELICIOUS. time consuming as all get out, but delicious. i wonder how much money i could have sold the whole batch for sometimes. $75? maybe.

i visited megan and jane today. had cheese fries and moa time with megan. went to izzy’s ice cream shop with jane (wasn’t THAT impressed).



on facebook i liked the “food inc” page, and now it’s everything i can do to not read the comments. if i ran that page, i would cry each post because no matter WHAT they post, there is always someone criticizing the article linked and talking about how awful food inc is now.

i’m not going to place blame. but wait i am: self-righteous vegans. because of them, i unsubscribed from the food inc page. couldn’t stand the blaming, the hate toward non-vegans, the vitriol and verbal vomit. bleah.

PBS just posted a recipe for lemon curd today, which is DELICIOUS, i might add – i made some yesterday. i read the comments because i wanted to see how many people had a fit because it was a microwaved recipe (a lot did). (and i can see their point – i made mine on the stove and it took maybe 10 minutes. the pbs version calls to take 7 minutes.)

anyway, before i go off on a tangent over microwaving vs. stove making, the point was this comment that i saw:


speciesism??? really??

at first i thought that buying organic and/or local eggs and milk might work, but then i realized that wouldn’t be good enough for kelly. i wonder if she realizes that all plants, which are also SPECIES, die when she eats them? i think i read somewhere that the main reason cows are even alive today as a species is because humans use them for food.

anyway, i hate self-righteous vegans. let people eat what they want to eat and not shame others for eating what they want to eat.

i can hardly wait – i bet someone somewhere has an internet search setup for speciesism and will find this blog, and it’ll explode with angry comments from people who want me to stop eating meat.

loooong weekend!

excited for this long weekend! today i painted my front door red, so that was fun. nate and i dug up the sod where the flower box is going to go, and then we went to menard’s tonight and bought the lumber for it along with lumber and supplies for a composter.

i’m hoping to get the flower bed in tomorrow so i can get the hostas i have hanging out on my front stoop in some dirt. the composter can wait.

sunday i’m going to the cities to see megan and jane! excited for that. woo!