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today my dad came over and dropped off some rhubarb clippings and chives he got from his friend chris callahan. rhubarb was something i always wanted while i was in st. joe, and something that i could have always gotten from my grandma, but never did. i don’t know what it is, but i am putting in plants like a demon this year. i love peonies, so i bought peonies and stuck them in the ground this spring. if i’d moved in earlier, they would’ve gone in last fall. (except the tree. haven’t gotten a tree yet. but i dont’ feel too badly about it since i have that line of trees at the back.)

maybe because i know what i would be missing out on? i know if i had the money, a deck would surely be on the table this summer. i waited so long to do certain things in st. joe that i feel like anytime i spend waiting is just time wasted at this point.

so, in goes the rhubarb. this fall, in goes some more peonies as well as a metric ton of tulips. because why wait for stuff that makes a person happy.