toodles, weekend

so begins my summer love affair with weekends. i’m so sad to see them go. BUT.

this summer i am in a house again. this summer, in my own house, i will be done with work at a reasonable time of day and be able to come home with a reasonable amount of daylight left in the day. this summer i’ll probably enjoy my weekday nights a little bit more.

man, the work hours at merrill sucked.


i smashed my way through “fire and flood” by victoria scott. i really enjoyed it, but it did seem a little recycled. girl goes to life-threatening “game” to save a loved one, meets boy, decides to bring down the system with said boy.

now that i’m done with that, i feel kinda bleaaaahh in the book department. what do i read next? i have a collection of essays by john mcphee, but it sounds really boring compared to what i just finished reading. might have to go see what the library has for s. king books.


someday i’ll go to the st. charles farmers’ market. last thursday was commencement; this thursday is TATTOO DAY.

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