since it was a long weekend, i made a couple foodstuffs off pinterest, as well as my crapts.
first was a brussels sprouts/sweet potato/bacon concoction that was delicious. nomg! the original recipe called to add the bacon after baking the veggies, but i was like, screw that! bake the bacon WITH the veggies! and add 3 more slices! woohoo! it also said to add thyme, but since my rosemary plants are waning, i needed to use some rosemary. so i chopped that up and threw it in.
IMG_8649i made pulled pork to go with it. yummy!
then i made these breakfast muffins that are a cross between banana bread, oatmeal, and an omelette. my mouth couldn’t decide what it was! original recipe was lactose-friendly or something, so instead of almond milk i used cow milk and added 2 tblsp. brown sugar. pretty much oatmeal, eggs, bananas and chocolate chips. next time i would add a tsp. of salt.
IMG_8658overall, a productive food/pinterTEST (THAT, my friends, is the new tag and name of this) weekend. veggies get 5/5 stars and muffins 4/5 (mostly for need of salt).

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    1. i think i lost a couple comments on this. hm. weird. if you ever move to the rochester area or i move to the mankato area, i will start a take-out menu!

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