chicken popper thingies

chicken popper thingies

the claim:
bacon wrapped jalapeño cream cheese bites will FLY OFF THE TABLE! source
the test:
the only addition i made to the recipe was to add some blue cheese in with my cream cheese an jalapeno. and instead of putting some cream cheese on the chicken, then adding the other stuff, i mixed it all together first so it was a spread.

assembly time! this was not as fidgety as the tacitos.
as you can see, you need to flatten out the chicken. i usually flatten mine with the mortar part of a mortar and pestel i have (it’s stone). but, that was packed away, so i flattened with the bottom of a bowl. not as effecient.
spread some filling on the chicken, roll up, and wrap with bacon, insert a toothpick to keep it all together. as you can see, i obviously have a problem with overfilling. off to the grill!

i thought these would take longer to cook, but it only took about 5 mins per side. and since i overfilled, a lot of filling seeped out and is now sitting on the bottom of my grill 🙁

yummy! the only complaint i have about them is the chicken itself is a little bland since there was no seasoning directly on the chicken. i wonder if marinating it in something beforehand would help? maybe a brine? anyway, the bacon and filling helped.
the verdict:
4 out of 5 stars. i think if the chicken were brined and had a little flavor, this would be a 5 star delight!

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  1. I had mentioned on Pintrest that Nathan has done these with duck. Well, to marinade the duck, he uses italian dressing and worchestire sauce (no idea how to spell that, and too lazy to look). It adds a nice flavor! And I could have told you the filling ooozes sometimes 🙂

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