Fail #1?

Fail #1?

the claim:
paint your nails! spray with pam! wipe off and polish will be dry!
the test:

ok, so it was walmart brand pam, which is the same concept. should still work, right? i painted my nails.

i didn’t wait anytime, just sprayed them immediately after painting. yuck.
and wiped off! DID NOT WORK:

that sooo did not work. so i thought maybe the pam needed to be on a little bit longer, and this time i washed my hands instead of wiping it off.
a little better? but not much. i’m not planning on leaving pam on there for as long as it would take my nails to dry without it, so i see no reason to use it right away…BUT…
after it was washed off, the paint was DRY. no tackiness, no nothing. i would say that if you waited for your nails to dry normally and then sprayed with pam, it would help with the tackiness you sometimes get with the “maybe they’re dry – but should i be digging in this pile of rocks yet?” stage.
the rating:
i’ll give it 1.5 starts out of 5. not as advertised, but could be useful.

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